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Mississippi State University

April 3, 2019


E. Fay Jones (1954-1998) is an internationally known architect from Arkansas who won the American Institute of Architects’ highest honor, the AIA Gold Medal, in 1990. He designed 218 projects, 129 of which were constructed, including some of our country’s most revered and celebrated structures, such as the Throwncrown Chapel, which was named by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as the fourth most significant building of the twentieth century. Jones also received an AIA Design Honor Awards, and was later recognized as one of the ten most important American architects of the century. 

We are very fortunate that Mississippi State University is the recognized steward of one of his most renowned structures, the Pinecote Pavilion located in Picayune, MS on the grounds of the Crosby Arboretum. The Pinecote Pavilion is one of Jones’ three AIA Design Honor Award winning projects. The work has been recognized in books, journals, magazines, and exhibitions worldwide. While the Pinecote Pavilion is well-cared for by MSU Extension Services, regrettably the remainder of Jones’ Master Plan, inclusive of four other beautifully designed structures, was never fully realized. With this exhibition, we hope to bring to life the unbuilt works that Jones created to fit into the landscape of the Crosby Arboretum.

The exhibition will open March 29, 2019 with a guest lecture by the President of the American Institute of Architects, Mississippi native, and the author of The Architecture of E. Fay Jones, Mr. Robert Ivy.

The Unbuilt Arboretum exhibition is made possible by the Criss Trust Grant 
and the ORED Undergraduate Research Program. 

Presented by: 
Prof. Hans C. Herrmann & Student Research Assistants
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