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Kennesaw State University

December 7, 2018

Taught by Professors Liz Martin-Malikian, Peter Pittman and Arash Soleimani
60-Students display their ‘Materials Exploration’ projects from Environmental Technology: Materials & Methods course. Exploring material characteristics, students worked in teams of 2-3  to make three parametric tiles in concrete, wood, and polymer all with the same design, but with a different material.

Under the direction of Professor Zamila Karimi, architecture students are challenging what constitutes an urban space by creating outdoor furniture that is interactive and playful instead of drab and utilitarian. This fall, students taking the Tactical Urbanism course offered by the Department of Architecture were tasked with creating a series of so-called “urban chairs.” The chairs were designed and built by the students with the intent that they could be configured in multiple ways in order to make public spaces more appealing. See link to video:
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