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University of Virginia

June 12, 2018

UVA School of Architecture welcomes Ehsan Baharlou as Assistant Professor of Architecture, Advanced Technologies

The School of Architecture is very pleased to announce the recent addition of Ehsan Baharlou to its faculty.

Ehsan Baharlou, a designer and researcher, with a doctorate from the University of Stuttgart, will be joining the School of Architecture as an Assistant Professor of Architecture, Advanced Technologies. Ehsan is currently a post-doctoral associate at MIT, working within the Composite Architectures research group, led by Professor Mark Goulthorpe. Ehsan’s research focuses on the automated production of composite housing and the development of CAD/CAM software customization in composite architectures. His doctoral research was completed under the supervision of Professor Achim Menges and explored the integration of fabrication and construction constraints into a computational model for the realization of informed form generation. This research is part of Ehsan’s ongoing work with the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) at Stuttgart, which included the ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion (2014-2015), integrating robotic fabrication and an agent-based computational design method. Ehsan has taught computational design seminars and studios to undergraduate, graduate and thesis students over the last seven years. His current research and design work aims to bridge the gap and mediate the cyber-physical interactions between complex forms and advanced manufacturing tools, shifting from a paradigm of abstracted computational design toward an integration of both physical (fabrication and production) and digital investigations. Ehsan Baharlou also holds a Master of Science in Architecture with distinction from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran.

For more on Ehsan's research, design, and teaching, please visit his website at

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