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University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

October 27, 2016

Professor David M. Chasco, FAIA was invited to lead a team of 4 Illinois School of Architecture graduate students – Meagan Radloff, Aarefa Kuresh Palgharwala, Kiel Fahnstrom and William Smarzewski – in the second Volterra, Italy 2016 International Design Workshop, sponsored by the University of Detroit-Mercy (UDM) School of Architecture and hosted by the Volterra- Detroit Foundation at the Volterra International Residential College. The Workshop was held from July 27 through August 6th, 2016.  Participating university teams included the University of Detroit-Mercy led by Professor Wladek Fuches (President, Volterra-Detroit Foundation), Warsaw Technological University (Poland) led by Dean/Professor Jan Slyke, Ph.D. and Professor Gorgio Castellano of the University of Pisa.

 Professor Chasco was invited to lead the 2016 Workshop and select an internationally accomplished Illinois School of Architecture alumnus as the Workshop Captain. Alumnus David Miller FAIA of the Miller Hull Partnership in Seattle was selected. David Miller provided overall design guidance as well as presenting two lectures: one on his lifetime of built design efforts including the expansion of the Pike Street Market in Seattle, and second lecture on his design philosophy and interpretation of the Gates of Volterra design approaches. Professor Fuchs presented the 3rd lecture on his findings of the design of the Volterra Roman Theatre.  Professor Chasco presented the 4th lecture on a retrospective design career in both practice and the academy.   The Workshop project titled “The Gates of Volterra” explored the contemporary re-interpretation of the role of the city gate in the historical urban context.

  Four university integrated teams of students designed urban and architectural responses respecting and integrating new contemporary uses at each gate: Porta all’Arco, Porta Fiorentina, Porta Selci, and Porta San Francesco. The students’ design efforts were exhibited and presented to various Volterra townspeople and stakeholders.  Professor Chasco has been invited by the University of Detroit-Mercy to participate in the Volterra 2017 Summer International Design Workshop as well as lead a graduate semester study abroad at the Volterra Center in the Fall of 2017.


Associate Professor Paul Kapp was recently appointed to the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture Graduate Program in Historic Preservation Board of Advisors.  

Associate Professor and Associate Director for the Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy Paul Kapp’s essay, “Intangible Industrial Heritage,” was chosen as one of only eight essays for the US/ICOMOS Report, With a World of Heritage So Rich, a report commemorating the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. You can read his essay and the others on this website:


Associate Professor Thérèse F. Tierney has been invited to present a Distinguished Faculty lecture by the Unit for Criticism & Interpretive Theory at UIUC. The lecture is titled, "Networked Urbanism: Geographies of Information" October 24th, 2016. 



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