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University of Calgary

March 11, 2016

Professor Graham Livesey has been appointed as the Associate Dean Academic – Architecture in the Faculty of Environmental Design. Professor Graham Livesey was elected as Chair of the Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture (CCUSA).

Mauricio Soto-Rubio has been appointed as the Assistant Professor. He joined us from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, where he taught comprehensive building design studios, building technologies and seminars related to lightweight and membrane structures.

Professor Branko Kolarevic is recipient of the 2015 ACADIA Society Award of Excellence, which is given by the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture for the overall contribution to the field and the association.

Professor Brian R. Sinclair received the “Exemplary Leadership in Education Award” from the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, in Wurttemberg Germany, August 2015.

Professor Branko Kolarevic delivered a keynote lecture at the 2015 SIGRADI Conference held in Florianopolis in Brazil. He was also the keynote speaker at the "On Architecture: Reworking the City" International Conference held in early December at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade.

Professor Brian R. Sinclair delivered a keynote address at the 27th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybrnetics, held in Baden Baden in Germany, in 2015.

Professor Branko Kolarevic and Assistant Professor Vera Parlac co-edited a book "Building Dynamics: Exploring Architecture of Change", which was published in June 2015 by Routledge. The book launch at the University of Calgary featured a guest lecture by David Benjamin.

Graham Livesey published a three volume anthology entitled “Deleuze and Guattari on Architecture” with Routledge in 2015, in the Critical Assessments in Architecture series.

Professor Brian R. Sinclair published a chapter entitled “Devising Design: Agility, Aptness, Equilibrium, Imperfection”, in Building Dynamics: Exploring Architecture of Change (Editors: B. Kolarevic + V. Parlac). Routledge: London, 2015.

Professor Branko Kolarevic and Assistant Professor Vera Parlac published a chapter entitled “Architecture of Change: Adaptive Building Skins” in The Routledge Companion for Architecture Design and Practice: Established and Emerging Trends (Editors: M. Kanaani and D. Kopec). Routledge: London, 2015.

Associate Professor Jason Johnson has received a funding of $ 250,000 from the University of Calgary for a research cabin in the Sheep River Provincial Park. This project will be designed and built by students. Assistant Professor Caroline Hachem-Vermette and Assistant Professor Maricio Soto will be joining the project team to provide expertise in energy and structural analysis and design.

Assistant Professor Vera Parlac received University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grant for the project titled “Pursuing Innovative Design in an Interdisciplinary Research Studio”. The grant of $20,000 will enable a deeper engagement of engineering and computer science faculty and students in the "Responsive Architecture" research studios that Vera will teach over the next two years. 

Associate Professor David Gissen from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco was the 2015 Gillmor Theory Seminar Lecturer. He led a weeklong course focusing on exploration of the alphanumerical character and abstracted language as a component of architectural representation. 

Chris Sharples of SHoP was the 2016 Somerville Visiting Lecturer. He led a weeklong design course focusing on concepts for deployable, adaptable housing modules utilizing the Laneway or Arcade as a way to increase urban density while promoting more interactive exchange and richer quality of life for city dwellers. 

Assistant Professors Ellie Abrons and Adam Fure from the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning were the 2016 Taylor Visiting Lecturers. The seminar investigated exaggerated solidity. Through casting and photogrammetry students produced aesthetically experimental environments.

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