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University of Buffalo

December 14, 2015

UB’s  GRoW house was awarded second place in the US Solar Decathlon earning 941.191 out of a possible 1,000 points.

Irene Ayad gave a lecture – “New York Art Deco from Jazz Age to Depression” - at the State Linguistic University in Moscow.

 “Special Relationships” – a chapter written by Professor Brian Carter -was published in the CAA 2015 Yearbook.

Paul Battaglia is launching the manufacture of the Hi-Sabin ™ Panel through his company, STC Architectural Products. The acoustical clouds are made of melamine foam with extraordinary sound absorbing characteristics. Their light weight make installation simple and inexpensive.

Café Fargo, an adaptive reuse project designed by Stephanie Davidson, and Georg Rafailidis has been awarded a ‘Best of Canada’ design award by the Canadian Interiors magazine. It was also recently published in the Deutsche Bauzeitung DB, AZURE and Architectural Digest.

Assistant Professor Georg Rafailidis presented the paper ‘Café Fargo’ at the ACSA Fall Conference at Syracuse University.

Selective Insulation – an insulated work space designed by Davidson Rafailidis and built in 2009 – was recently published in ‘Working in Style’ by the Swiss publisher Braun Verlag.

Assistant Professor Shannon Bassett presented ‘Shanghai Water Urbanisms-recovering Shanghai’s post-industrial waterfront-landscape. Strategies for sustainable (re)development in China’s cities’ at the IACP annual conference in June in Chongqing, China. In addition she chaired the session on Urban Design.

Assistant Professor Bassett was an invited professor at the 2015 Busan International Architecture Design Workshop organized by the Busan International Architecture Festival and Pusan National University in Korea. Professor Bassett’s urban design master plan for Bradenton, Florida was also exhibited in the NAUAIK exhibition and featured in the ensuing publication.

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