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Washington University in St. Louis

April 13, 2015

John Hoal, associate professor and chair of the MUD program, delivered the presentation, Designing Aging: Urban Design for Healthy Lifelong & Age-Integrated Communities as part of the Conference on Older Adults in the Community: Capacities and Engagement for Aging-in-Place.WUSTL and the National University of Singapore organized the conference as part of the launch of the Next Age Institute.
A video profile of John Hoal, associate professor and chair of the MUD program, and Derek Hoeferlin, assistant professor, is included in Navigating the Rivers: A Collection of Modern-Day Stories. Featured in conjunction with the exhibition Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham & the River, this event offered a screening of five videos of St. Louisans whose lives are intertwined with the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, followed by an onstage conversation with many of those individuals.  As part of I-CARES-funded research, Hoal and Hoerferlin have focused on the development of a Climate Adaptation Performance Model for fluvial zones along the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers.
Railway Exchange Studio Featured on HEC-TV
Reporter Sharon Stevens highlighted the efforts of graduate architecture students to reimagine the Railway Exchange Building, working in partnership with Downtown STL, Inc., for HEC-TV's all new Impact program. Students developed their ideas for the fall 2014 studio Metamorphic Cities: Sustainable Strategies for Adaptive Reuse, led by assistant professor Catalina Freixas.
Cloud Talk: 
Eric Mumford, the Rebecca and John Voyles Professor of Architecture, delivered the talkUrbanism as part of IIT Architecture Chicago's Cloud Studio. Sponsored by the PhD program, the studio brought together undergraduate and graduate students to work on projects related to the city of Chicago.
Why Lina Bo [Bardi]?
Zeuler R. Lima, PhD, associate professor and author of the biography Lina Bo Bardi, reflected on why the Italian-born architect was ignored for such a long time, and emerged 20 years after her death at the center of the discourse about contemporary architecture. The lecture explored the genealogy of her work and life, and raised questions about the recovery of her memory, especially in her native country.
SMALL BUILDINGS: built, unbuilt, unbuildable
Juried by dean of architecture Bruce Lindsey and professor of art Buzz Spector, this exhibition explores the craft of the architectural model, and includes work by several Sam Fox School faculty, students, and alumni. On View March 13-May 10.
Lina Bo Bardi: Visionary Architect - Part 1
Associate professor Zeuler Lima participated in the first part of two panel discussions presented by AIA New York that will celebrate 100 years since the birth of architect Lina Bo Bardi. Lima presented his short documentary Lina Bo Bardi, curator, and also showed a timeline highlighting graphic productions that the Italian-Brazilian architect developed throughout her entire life, her thoughts about design, and the authenticity of her texts.

Associate professor Zeuler Lima, PhD, delivered a presentation about the life and work of one of the most important architects in Latin America, Lina Bo Bardi. Lima's talk unveiled how considerations of ethics, politics, and social inclusiveness influenced the Italian-Brazilian architect's intellectual engagement with modern architecture which resulted in her experimental, ephemeral, and iconic works of design.

In addition, Lima discussed Bo Bardi's paradigmatic project SESC Pompeia leisure center at MoMA as part of the retrospective exhibition 
Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955-1980.
Activating Energy Capacity of Urban Vacant Land
Assistant professor Natalie Yates delivered a lecture titled Activating Energy Capacity of Urban Vacant Land at this year's Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture conference. The talk reflected work undertaken by Yates, assistant professor Patty Heyda, and former assistant professor Christine Yogiaman.

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