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Florida International University

November 4, 2013


Eric Peterson exhibited his material research and his students' furniture designs at the Coral Gables Museum in Coral Gables, Florida. The exhibition is a retrospective of three years of research on upcycling shipping pallets into fine furniture and architectural building products. Wood from used shipping pallets is investigated for its potential as cladding, surface, structure, or spatial modulator. The exhibition reveals the hidden potential of an overlooked material and invites us to examine the ramifications of our participation in global material and product transportation networks. Research made possible with generous support of Whole Foods Market, South Florida Regional Distribution Center.

Associate Professor Gray Read’s book, Modern Architecture in Theater: The experiments of Art et action, will be published in January by Palgrave Press in their Pivot Series. The book examines Parisian architect Edouard Autant’s exploration of the art of architectural design through a series of modern theatrical performances presented by Art et action, a company he formed with actress Louise Lara. Together, they merged British director Edward Gordon Craig’s strategies for spatial set design with an approach to performance emphasizing multi-sensual simultaneity. In five types of modern theater, they created spaces and performances that anticipate the architecture and actions of an ideal, modern city.

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