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Tulane University

January 23, 2013
Assistant Professor Marcella del Signore has completed two projects for the Urban Prototyping Festival in San Francisco . The projects are developed in collaboration with Mona El Khafif, Cesar Lopez, Anesta Iwan, Jessica Wolkoff, Jacob Alexandere ( California College of the Arts ) and Geatano De Francesco. Both projects focus on building community through civic engagement and participation, reimagining modes of production of public space. 10 Mile Garden is a is a catalyst project in which fire hydrant sites of the neighborhood are activated on a temporary basis. In order to support community participation, the TMG pilot project creates a framework for bottom-up programming: a series of injected programs, open community programs, and sponsored gardens. INSTANT [ play]GROUND is a portable game to activate forgotten sites. By subverting pre-established urban functions, the users /players open up to new scenarios where the normative use of public space is transformed in a (play)scape in flux.
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