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2012 ACSA Annual Business Meeting

February 21, 2012
On Friday, March 2, the ACSA will hold its Annual Business Meeting at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, in Boston, Mass., from 9:30 to 11:00 am in the Imperial ballroom. The meeting will be preceded by regional caucuses from 8:00 to 9:30 at the hotel. 

ACSA members are invited to attend. Faculty councilors or other school representatives may register starting 30 minutes in advance in order to participate in any official business during the meeting. 


I. Call to Order  
Judith Kinnard, President 
II. Member School Registration
Patricia Kucker, Secretary
III. Introduction of Current and Incoming
ACSA Board Members and Guests
Judith Kinnard
V. Vice President’s Report
Donna Robertson
VI. Treasurer’s Report
Craig Barton
IV. President’s Report

- Judith Kinnard
- Presentation by Kermit Baker, Harvard University and American Institute of Architects
- Questions 

VII. Other Business 
  1. Partner Recognition
    Manuel Aguirre Osete, ASINEA

  2. Partner Announcement
    Tau Sigma Delta

  3. Journal of Architectural Education

  4. Memorials
VIII. New Business
IX. Adjournment and Recognition of Outgoing Board Members

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