Research & Scholarship Committee

The Research & Scholarship Committee leads ACSA’s efforts to support faculty in scholarly endeavors. The committee monitors and assesses ACSA programs involving peer review and recognition, and recommends actions to advocate for support for architectural research and scholarship.

Christine O. Theodoropoulos
California Polytechnic State University                   
San Luis Obispo, CA



Anne Bordeleau
Director and Associate Professor
University of Waterloo     
Cambridge, ON, Canada


Jeffrey L. Day 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln      
Lincoln, NE


Steffen Lehmann 
Director & Professor of Architecture
University of Nevada, Las Vegas     
Las Vegas, NV


Erin Moore
Head, School of Architecture and Environment
University of Oregon   
Eugene, OR


Marc J. Neveu 
Faculty Head of Architecture & Professor
Arizona State University      
Tempe, AZ


Marci S. Uihlein 
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign      
Champaign, IL