Nominations Committee

Conducts the nomination and election of officers, ACSA representative on NAAB Board, and NAAB Visiting Team candidates. Shall consist of three or more appointed members. The term of service on the committee shall be one year.

Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez photo


Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez 
ACSA Distinguished Professor
Universidad De Puerto Rico    
San Juan, PR

José L.S. Gámez photo


José L.S. Gámez 
Associate Director/Associate Professor
University of North Carolina at Charlotte      
Charlotte, NC

Deborah Hauptmann photo


Deborah Hauptmann 
Chair of Architecture
Iowa State University      
Ames, IA

Dr. Samia Rab Kirchner photo


Samia Rab Kirchner 
Associate Professor
Morgan State University      
Baltimore, MD

Kathrina Simonen photo


Kathrina Simonen 
Associate Professor
University of Washington      
Seattle, WA

June Williamson photo


June Williamson 
Associate Professor
City College of New York      
New York, NY