Executive Committee

Oversee all ACSA staff operations except as delegated to the executive director in the Bylaws, including personnel hiring policies and benefits, leases, insurance, and other contractual agreements, and equipment purchases. Acts as an informal advisory group to both the president and the executive director on general matters and problems in need of immediate attention.

Rashida Ng photo


Rashida Ng 
Chair and Associate Professor
Temple University      
Philadelphia, PA

Branko Kolarevic photo


Branko Kolarevic 
New Jersey Institute of Technology     
Newark, NJ

Lynne Dearborn photo


Lynne Dearborn 
Associate Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign      
Champaign, IL


Robert Alexander González
Director and Professor
Texas Tech University   
El Paso, TX

Nichole Wiedemann 
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Austin      
Austin, TX

Michael J. Monti photo


Michael J. Monti 
(Staff Coordinator) 
Executive Director
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture      
Washington, DC