ACSA Leadership

Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors shall be the administrative and governing body of the Association. The Board is empowered to transact all business not specifically reserved for action by the membership. It is also empowered to adopt Rules to address policy issues in its discretion. The Board of Directors shall consist of the following members: 

Branko Kolarevic photo


Branko Kolarevic 
University of Calgary      
Calgary, AB, Canada

Rashida Ng photo


Rashida Ng 
(First Vice President/President-Elect) 
Chair and Associate Professor
Temple University      
Philadelphia, PA

Lynne Dearborn photo


Lynne Dearborn 
(Second Vice President) 
Associate Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign      
Champaign, IL

Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez photo


Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez 
ACSA Distinguished Professor
Universidad De Puerto Rico    
San Juan, PR

Nichole Wiedemann photo


Nichole Wiedemann 
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Austin      
Austin, TX

Brigid Callaghan photo


Brigid Callaghan 
(Student Director) 
Vice President - Elect
American Institute of Architecture Students      
Kent, OH

Kelly Bair photo


Kelly Bair 
(At-Large Director) 
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago      
Chicago, IL

Bethany Lundell Garver photo


Bethany Lundell Garver 
(At-Large Director) 
Director of Applied Learning
Boston Architectural College      
Boston, MA

Corey T. Griffin photo


Corey T. Griffin 
(At-Large Director) 
Associate Dean for Research & Associate Professor of Architecture
Pennsylvania State University      
Altoona, PA

José L.S. Gámez photo


José L.S. Gámez 
(At-Large Director) 
Associate Director/Associate Professor
University of North Carolina at Charlotte      
Charlotte, NC

June Williamson photo


June Williamson 
(At-Large Director) 
Associate Professor
City College of New York      
New York, NY

Anne Bordeleau photo


Anne Bordeleau 
(At-Large (Canadian) Director) 
Director and Associate Professor
University of Waterloo      
Cambridge, ON, Canada

Victor Rubin photo


Victor Rubin 
(Public Director) 
Vice President for Research
Oakland, CA

Michael J. Monti photo


Michael J. Monti 
(Executive Director) 
Executive Director
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture      
Washington, DC