September 10, 2020

Winners Announced for 2020 Steel Competition


2020 AISC/ACSA Steel Design Student Competition

Students Awarded Prizes for the Use of Steel in Design and Construction

For Immediate Release:
Washington, D.C., September 10, 2020 – The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) have selected the winners of the 2020 Steel Design Student Competition.

The competition recognizes eighteen exceptional projects, in two categories, that explore a variety of design issues related to the use of steel in design and construction. The 2020 ACSA/AISC Steel Design Student Competition offered architecture students the opportunity to compete in two separate categories. Category I challenged students to design an Urban Food Hub. Students explored ways to incorporate food production and distribution into an urban setting. Category II was OPEN offering students the opportunity to select a site and building program using steel as the primary material.

The winning projects were chosen by a panel of distinguished jurors, including the following:

Category I: Urban Food Hub Jury

Ming Hu, University of Maryland, School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

Ayad Rahmani, Washington State University, School of Design and Construction

Chuck Wyder, Harley Ellis Devereaux

Category II: Open Jury

Jared Ganstine, Structural Design Group

Michelle Pannone, Marywood University, School of Architecture

Kristina H. Yu, University of New Mexico, School of Architecture & Planning

For each category, the jurors chose First, Second, and Third place winners, along with additional Honorable Mentions. Listed below are the names of the recipients, their project titles, and their faculty sponsor(s):

Category I: Urban Food Hub Winners

First Place: Food Machine
Students: Hatem Bouassida and Antoine Hurez
Faculty: Jacques Plante and Richard Pleau
Université Laval

Second Place: From ‘AgriHood’ to AgriHUB
Students: Callum Nolan, Ethan Paddock, Colin Williams, and Patrick Stephen
Faculty: Terri Boake
University of Waterloo

Third Place: Pesce Plaza
Student: Jacob Lyons
Faculty: Kristopher Palagi, Soo J. Jo, and Tara Street
Louisiana State University

Honorable Mention: HOOPLA
Students: Briley Houston and Phillip Minton
Faculty: Kevin Stevens
University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Honorable Mention: Bandes de culture
Students: Alice Corrivault-Gascon and Dominique Arseneault
Faculty: Jacques Plante and Richard Pleau
Université Laval

Honorable Mention: Shanghai Food Bridge
Students: Yifan Zhou, Connie Kwan, and Sydney Foster
Faculty: Clark Llewellyn
University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Honorable Mention: Hongkou Hub – Sustainable Community Farming in Urban Shanghai
Students: Wenzhu Li, Feifan Chen, Richard Robinson, and Bruce White
Faculty: Clark Llewellyn
University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Honorable Mention: Shanghai Food Basket
Students: Bingjie Li, An Guo, Angus Lin, and Janica Domingo
Faculty: Clark Llewellyn
University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Honorable Mention: Transcend
Student: Allison Loth
Faculty: Timothy Gray
Ball State University

Category II: Open Winners

First Place: “W” for Will
Students: Rui Li and Fei Hu
Faculty: Fei Wang
Syracuse University

Second Place: Hart Island Ossuary
Student: Tatiana Estrina
Faculty: Vincent Hui
Ryerson University

Third Place: Urban Roots
Students: Ashkan Radnia, Gavin Reeb, and Spencer Sparagna
Faculty: Kyoung-Hee Kim and Liz McCormick
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Honorable Mention: Adaptive Infrastructures
Student: Jacob Bodinger
Faculty: Margarida Yin
California Polytechnic State University

Honorable Mention: the HOODOO
Students: Alena Nagornaia, Solanda Magnuson, Elitsa Vutova, and Amy Tang
Faculty: Thomas Fowler and Kevin Dong
California Polytechnic State University
Partners: Leo Chow, FAIA, SOM & Mark Sarkisian, PE, SE, LEED, SOM

Honorable Mention: Pack Instinct
Student: Imani Jackson
Faculty: Erik Hemingway
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Honorable Mention: Fusion
Student: Pablo Garcia
Faculty: Christopher Welty
Kennesaw State University

Honorable Mention: CDC 2.0
Student: Kade Brandon
Faculty: Pasquale De Paola and Kevin Singh
Louisiana Tech University

Honorable Mention: Incremental Architecture
Students: Megan Gotsch and Philip Riazzi
Faculty: David Franco, Daniel Harding, and Dustin Albright
Clemson University

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