AASL Column, November 2019
Lucy Campbell and Barbara Opar, column editors
Column by Barbara Opar

Last month’s AASL column included a summary of Open Access, followed by a listing of institutional repositories with architectural content. This month, we want to take Open Access a step further. In addition to text and image-based repositories, many Schools of Architecture record their lecture series and place them online for further viewing- including making them openly available to the public. Below is a preliminary list of these lecture archives. Date ranges vary as well as the medium employed for distribution. They all have in common one thing- interesting content.  We invite you to explore these resources. They could prove to be a means to enhance your own lectures.

Andrews University

Arizona State University

Ball State University

Boston Architectural College

Carnegie Mellon University

Columbia University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Harvard University

Illinois Institute of Technology

Kent State University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mississippi State University

Ohio State University

Princeton University (sound recordings, no videos)

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SciArc)

Syracuse University

University of Arizona

University at Buffalo

University of British Columbia

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Michigan

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

University of Notre Dame

University of Southern California

If you know of other lecture archives not included on this list, please email Barbara Opar at baopar@syr.edu