Professor Edward Steinfeld was a keynote speaker at the 2018 Universal Design and Higher Education in Transformation Conference in Dublin, Ireland in October/November. He also directed a workshop on a certification program for universal design.

Associate Professor Joyce Hwang was an invited speaker at the 2018 AICAD Symposium ‘Artists/Designers/Citizens’. The symposium was hosted by the School of Art Institute of Chicago and the presentation was part of a  panel organized by Joseph Altshuler and Julia Sedlock entitled ‘The Creaturely Citizen’.  Other panelists included Stewart Hicks and Fred Scharmen. -events/aicad-2018-symposium.

Associate Professor Joyce Hwang’s projects ‘Bat Tower’ and ‘Bat Cloud’ were published in the book Pet-tecture: Design for Animals. The book was edited by Tom Wainwright and published by Phaidon Press, London, England. -for-pets-9780714876672/. ‘Bat Tower’ was also published in the Architectural Review: issue 1450 in the article ‘Typology: Building for Animals’ authored by Tom Wilkinson. Her project ‘Bower’, created in partnership with Ellen Driscoll, and in collaboration with Matt Hume, was published in Sculpture Magazine, October 2018.

‘Pest Architecture’ – an essay written by Associate Professor Joyce Hwang – was featured in World Architecture magazine: issue 201807 published by Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. 

Professor Brian Carter was the editor of the book ‘Temple Beth Zion’. The book was published in November as part of the Buffalo Architecture Mid-Century Modern series.

The SMART Fabrication Factory – a new prototyping facility whose mission focuses on developing collaborative research with industry – opened in the School of Architecture & Planning at the University at Buffalo in November 2018.