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Technology | Architecture + Design
Volume 2: Issue 1


Marci S. Uihlein, Issue Editor


Describe, Explain, and Predict
Andrzej Zarzycki, Executive Editor

Marci S. Uihlein, Issue Editor


Re-finding a Voice: Building an Agenda for Research in Architecture
Thomas Vonier

Architectural Research in an Age of Open Systems
Kiel Moe

Design Research: Objects, Procedures, and New Understanding
Stan Ruecker and _Jennifer Roberts-Smith

Theo Jansen

“Life” on the Beach

Vera Parlac

Research Methodologies

Architectural Research Legally and Ethically Considered
Lynne M. Dearborn and _AnnaMarie Bliss

Peer Review

Heat Mapping Drones: An Autonomous Computer-Vision-Based Procedure for Building Envelope Inspection Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Tarek Rakha, Amanda Liberty, Alice Gorodetsky, Burak Kakillioglu, and Senem Velipasalar

Snapping Facades: Exploring Elastic Instability for the Building Envelope
Jin Young Song, Seoyoung Heo, and Jongmin Shim

Developing Timber Volume Calculators Through a Comparative Case Study Analysis of Wood Utilization in On-Site and Off-Site Construction Methods
Ryan E. Smith, Massih Nilforoushan Hamedani, and Gentry Griffin

Innovating the Urban Water System: Achieving a Net Zero Water Future Beyond Current Regulation
Courtney Crosson

Archaeo-tectural Translations: New Roles for the Field Architect
Tim Frank, Christina Luke, and Christopher H. Roosevelt

3D Printing and Buildings: A Technology Review and Future Outlook
Hongxi Yin, Ming Qu, Haiyan Zhang, and YeChan Lim


Chris Ford, Associate Editor

Les Norford on
“Energy Accounts: Architectural Representation of Energy, Climate, and the Future”
by Dan Willis, William W. Braham, Katuhiko Muramoto, and Daniel A. Barber

Keith Boswell on
“Modern Construction Case Studies: Emerging Innovation in Building Techniques”
by Andrew Watts

Gundula Proksch on
“Built to Grow: Blending Architecture and Biology”
by Barbara Imhof and Petra Gruber, editors

Rachel Cruise on
“Model Perspectives: Structure, Architecture and Culture”
by Mark R. Cruvellier, Bjørn N. Sandaker, and Luben Dimcheff

TAD 3:1 Urbanizing Call for Papers