Next Thursday ACSA opens its 106th Annual Meeting in Denver, with the title The Ethical Imperative. The meeting is an opportunity for members to have in-person conversations about where architectural education is going and how ACSA, through its members, the board of directors, and staff, can lead.
We invite everyone to attend the regional caucuses and Annual Business Meeting, starting at 3:30 pm on Friday, March 16, at the Denver Sheraton Hotel. Our regional caucuses will solicit feedback on the work of our volunteer program committees and encourage open discussion. We also hope our Faculty Councilors and member schools will respond to these outcomes from our program committees.
1. STEM and Research. A new draft white paper outlines the opportunities for STEM-designated architecture degree programs and reports on our December survey about funded research. In the last 3 years, ACSA members have secured $23 million in funding for STEM-area research. The white paper is currently in draft form, and we want your feedback both during the Denver conference and in the month following at Download the draft white paper.
2. Diversity and Inclusion. ACSA’s Education Committee has released a report of survey results and best practices on student recruitment, and will hold an Annual Meeting session continuing our efforts to discuss strategies for engaging and retaining a diverse student body. Download the report.

3. International Engagement. Where are international architecture students coming from? How prevalent are international faculty exchanges? The third of this year’s member surveys focused on international engagement, and we will also present these results during an Annual Meeting session. Download the results.

4. Border Wall Resolution. During the 2017 Administrators Conference, ACSA Distinguished Professor Roger Schluntz presented a resolution opposing the construction of a border wall between Mexico and the United States. On January 18, the ACSA Board of Directors released a formal resolution. Download the resolution.

ACSA’s work is thanks to the energy of our more than 600 volunteers. I am proud of their efforts at a time when architecture schools need to engage with so many pressing issues. Please send us your feedback at, so that the ACSA board can understand what’s happening at your school and so we can act accordingly.

Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez