We would like to update you on the status of our discussions with NAAB, AIA, NCARB, and AIAS on the value and role of accreditation for schools, students, practitioners, and the public. These discussions have covered a range of aspects tied to accreditation, from the value of site visits to broader discussions about the continuum of education in architecture, including K-12, college, internship, examination, and post-licensure CEUs. We strongly believe in the value of accreditation and have every confidence in the leadership at NAAB and the changes initiated by the board. We plan to continue to support NAAB in a number of ways, and have signed a 2018 funding agreement that reduces contributions from ACSA, AIA, and NCARB by 10%. 


Because funding for NAAB comes from ACSA member school dues, we are pleased to report that we will pass this savings on to next year’s dues, which will represent approximately $300 per full and candidate member. 


This new agreement gives ACSA the opportunity to engage even more closely with our collateral organizations about the future of the profession’s educational expectations. As always, we invite your input and feedback on the strategic and operational issues surrounding accreditation and professional education. We plan to offer opportunities for further conversation at our major conferences this year and hope that you will join us, beginning with the Accreditation Changes Workshop, held in collaboration with NAAB, at the 106th ACSA Annual Meeting in Denver.  

—Francisco J. Rodriguez-Suarez, ACSA President