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Technology | Architecture + Design
Volume 1: Issue 2

Simulations: Modeling, Measuring,
and Disrupting Design

Jeana Ripple, Issue Editor


The Mirror Stage
Andrzej Zarzycki, Executive Editor

Disengage, Augment, Adapt
Jeana Ripple, Issue Editor


Research and Architecture’s Knowledge Loop
Thomas Fisher

Simulation and Design of Hybrid Human-Natural-Technological Systems
Marina Alberti

Architecture from the Bottom-up
Daekwon Park

Computational Design Synergy: Stimulation Through Simulation
Alvise Simondetti and David Birch

Computational Doppelgängers
Nataly Gattegno and Jason Kelly Johnson

Bespoke and Organic: Simulation toward Simplification, Repetition, and Rationalization
James O’Donnell, David J. Gerber, and Shibo Ren

Research Methodologies

The Limits of Simulation: Towards a New Culture of Architectural Engineering
Jan Knippers

The Bullitt Center: A Comparative Analysis between Simulated and Operational Performance
Robert Peña, Chris Meek, and Dylan Davis

Peer Review

Model-based Optimization for Architectural Design—Optimizing Daylight and Glare in Grasshopper
Thomas Wortmann

The Buzz Metric: A Graph-based Method for Quantifying Productive Congestion in Generative Space Planning for Architecture
Danil Nagy, Lorenzo Villagi, James Stoddart, and David Benjamin

Performance Based Simulations for Membrane-based Enclosures
Helen Bergstrom, Ryan Abendroth, Jonathan Knowles, and Derek Stein

Benchmarking the Embodied Carbon of Buildings
Kathrina Simonen, Barbara X. Rodriguez, and Catherine De Wolf

Drawing Disruptions: Representing Automated Distortions of Multi-Perspectival Form
Joshua M. Taron and Matthew Parker

Disrupting the Status Quo with Early-Stage BIM-Based Energy Modeling
Jenn McArthur and Xi Sun


Chris Ford, Associate Editor

Jon Christensen
on “Effective Data Visualization: The Right Chart for the Right Data”
by Stephanie D.H. Evergreen

and “Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design”
by Andy Kirk

Kendall Nicholson
on “The Truthful Art: Data, Charts and Maps for Communication”
by Alberto Cairo
Martin Hogue
on “Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary”
by Jill Desimini & Charles Waldheim

Wes McGee
on “Prototyping for Architects: Real Building for the Next Generation of Digital Designers”
by Jane Burry & Mark Burry

Michael Leighton Beaman
on Symposium: “Mass Customization & Design Democratization”

Ted Shelton
on Cellular Fabrication
by Branch Technology

Zheng Tan
on Smog Free Tower
by Studio Roosegaarde