Virtual Metropolis, an interactive virtual reality project on which Associate Professor Graham Owen collaborated in the mid-1990s, has been selected by the Bibliotheque Nationale de France for its collection of best artists’ CDs of that era.  Led by Owen’s former Thesis student Robert Ouellette, the collaboration brought together Toronto-based designers and artists.  Virtual Metropolis anticipated Google Street View by 12 years, but went further by using architecture as a portal, a series of wormholes to worlds and artworks beyond.  At the BNF, the project will run on emulators of the original operating systems.  Prof. Owen has also published “Whatever Happened to Semi-Autonomy?” in Architecture Philosophy; and “City of Risk:  Organization and Individualization in the Urban Recovery of New Orleans” in the minnesota review, in its Special Focus on “Katrina, Ten Years Later”, from Duke University Press.

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