The ACSA Board of Directors invites nominations and self-nominations to participate in 2016-2017 ACSA committees and task forces. Faculty at ACSA full and candidate member schools are encouraged to participate in activities designed to strengthen architectural education.

At the 2016 Annual Meeting, the ACSA Board approved a second phase in its governance review process. To begin implementation, the ACSA plans to reorganize its board committees in 2016-17 around three new “program committees,” each comprised of 4–6 at-large members and 2–3 ACSA board members. With these committees the ACSA Board intends to expand involvement of ACSA members in addressing strategic issues facing architecture schools. 

The three program committees are charged as follows:

  • The Scholarship & Awards Committee is charged with leading ACSA’s efforts to support faculty in scholarly endeavors; monitoring and assessing peer-review and recognition programs; and recommending actions to advocate for architectural scholarship. The committee is responsible for policies guiding scholarly conferences, journals, and awards.
  • The Education Committee is charged with leading ACSA’s efforts to improve the effectiveness of architectural education through best practices and overseeing programs to cultivate and disseminate these best practices. The committee is responsible for policies guiding the ACSA Teachers Seminar, workshops, and webinars. 
  • The Leadership Committee is charged with leading ACSA’s efforts to support the strategic development of architecture programs; identifying and disseminating best-practice models of program leadership and administration; and overseeing ACSA’s efforts to promote awareness of architectural education. The committee is responsible for policies guiding the Administrators Conference, student recruitment efforts, and data collection and analysis.

Appointments to committees are initiated by the 2016-17 ACSA president, Bruce Lindsey. Appointments are for one year beginning July 1, 2016, and are eligible for renewal thereafter. 

Committees will work primarily through conference calls during the academic year. A funded meeting is planned for committees in fall 2016, and committees may convene at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Detroit.

More information about ACSA’s governance plan and strategic plan are available on the ACSA website.

Interested participants are asked to submit a 1–2 page cover letter identifying areas of interest related to ACSA’s committees and strategic plan, as well as a 2 page (maximum) curriculum vitae. The deadline for nominations and self-nominations is May 3, 2016. Submit materials to Allison Smith,