Professor Silvia Acosta and her colleagues in the core studio Architectural Design will realize a design/build project for a community garden in Pawtucket, RI, supported by Pawtucket Developer Louis Yip, the Pawtucket Foundation and New Urban Farmers. Clients include members of the Chinese Christian Church of RI, elders from Community Housing., and Heritage Park YMCA. 

Dan Wheeler FAIA, Wheeler Kerns Architects and RISD Architecture alumnus and publisher Lars M_ller were recent lecturers at the Department.  Mr. M_ller also led a workshop with students from the Graphic Design, Digital Media and Architecture departments.  German historian and former curator of Contemporary Architecture at MoMA Andres Lepik was among participants in the symposium Teaching Architecture beyond the Desk-Top Horizon.   Silvia Acosta, Thomas Gardner, Brian Goldberg and Enrique Martinez presented community engagement work completed at RISD in the past five years. 

RISD’s newly formed American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) presented The Façade Media Festival: Playing at Full Scale co-sponsored by art nouveau, curbs & stoops and Group GS.  The event showcased selected student works projected onto the north façade of the architecture building.

Students from Aki Ashida’s course installed Luminous Washi Lantern at the Japan Society in New York as part of a benefit for earthquake victims, which included a day-long workshop on lantern making.  The project was supported by grants from the Japan Society and the Center for Global Partnership.

In April, the Architecture Department launched a new website