Interim Executive Editor            Graham Livesey, University of Calgary
Associate Editor (Design)         Amy Kulper, University of Michigan
Associate Editor (Reviews)      Alexander Eisenschmidt, University of Illinois at Chicago
Associate Editor (Media)           Marc Neveu, Wentworth Institute of Technology


The JAE invites unpublished text-based (Scholarship of Design) and design-based (Design as Scholarship) submissions for publication in the Fall 2013 issue that explore contemporary architectural design and design pedagogy, within the following rubrics:

Design + Theory: What is the role of theory in contemporary design, or is theory dead? Are there emerging theories that need wider exposure? Are old design theories being revived?

Design + History: What are current issues in architectural history that impact on contemporary design? How should historical debates be framed in design discourses? Are historical precedents important in contemporary practice?

Design + Technology: What is the role of building science in design studio? Do architects need greater technical expertise? What are emerging technologies, materials, assemblies, and practices that are influencing contemporary design? Has technology replaced theory?

Design + Material Culture: How is material culture shaping, or being shaped, by design? Does architecture play a central role in material cultures?

Design + Representation: Are contemporary representational practices dominating design processes? Has there been a revolution in representation? Has architecture been reduced to representation? What are emerging representational approaches?

All unsolicited submissions will be subject to a blind peer review process. For further information refer to the Submit to JAE, Editorial Guidelines, and The JAE Process sections at

The submission deadline for all manuscripts for the Fall 2013 issue (Volume 67:2) is March 15, 2013, 5 PM EST. All submissions received after this deadline will be eligible for publication in future issues.


Refer all inquires to:               Graham Livesey
Interim Executive Editor