Column written by George Guarino, CRIT editor
Barbara Opar and Barret Havens, column editors

The official journal of the American Institute of Architecture Students began as Telesis, first published in 1976 by AIAS President Jerry Compton of SCI-ARC and Vice President Robert Rosenfeld of UC-Berkeley. The publication was renamed Crit the following year by Rosenfeld. Ê37 years later, CRIT remains the only publication created, managed and produced by students of architecture.Ê It is also the only journal in the world that predominantly features student work as the primary source of content.

CRIT is an example of how aspiring architects see the world, and regularly features content directly relating to architecture as well as the place of architecture in the broader context of a global society.Ê Each issue features student design work, competitions and their winners, and articles that speak to the concerns of students today about topics such as sustainability, global integration, and the larger societal issues and challenges that we all face.

The primary purpose of CRIT from its initial production through today remains: to be a forum for the ideas and opinions of students in a world where young people are often relegated to lesser roles.Ê This publication allows for the voices of those who are sometimes discounted to be heard and taken seriously, for their work to be shown and recognized for the value it has and potentialÊ it can offer.

Over the last 37 years CRIT has undergone numerous revisions, from cover design, layouts, size and physical expression. As an expression of student work, CRIT is a continually evolving project that we hope will continue to change and adapt even as emerging professionals change to adapt to their own reality.Ê With the latest issue, #76, CRIT has launched a new cover, layout changes and full color interiors. Further, CRIT has expanded as a brand to other media including CRITnewsletter andÊ@CRITjournal on Twitter.

CRIT welcomes work of all varieties from students, both text and image oriented. We welcome your support in encouraging students to submit their work.Ê
As we refine CRIT’s design, layout, and content over the next year, the CRIT Editorial Team welcomes your feedback on Special Issue #76. Any questions or comments can be directed toÊ

Universities, colleges, libraries, and architectural firms seeking an institutional subscription to CRIT can contact the AIAS atÊmailbox@aias.orgÊor by phone at 202.626.7472.Ê