Market Hall



Neris Sandoval
Shengxi Wu


This proposal locates the market hall centrally within the core of Petite-Rivière-de-Nippes along the Departmentale Route 21. The advantage of this location is its proximity to the road leading south towards farmland and to the current heart of the town’s street market. The design provides a large open space with permanent stalls along the perimeter, and temporary folding display stands within the center area. This allows the space to be used for a variety of public programs when the market is not in operation. The stalls within the hall have been organized according to type of goods, allowing for better sanitation for perishable food items and simpler navigation for visitors.

The market design includes spaces for waste collection, a biogas system, water collection, and solar panels. Waste collection results in a cleaner environment throughout the market and organic matter from the waste can be added to the biogas system to help generate energy for cooking. Collected water from the gable roof can be used for cleaning and purified as a source for drinking and cooking. The solar panel systems allow the market to generate enough electricity to power its own lights, fans, and electric cooking surfaces, as well as generating some energy to distribute to neighboring structures.