Farmers Co-operative



Min Hoo Kim
Yang Yu


This co-operative is designed to create a self-sufficient farming network for local farmers, to increase knowledge and awareness of innovative farming methods, to acquire seeds, and to sell harvests locally and at more distant venues. The goal is to organize farmers to diversify crop production and maximize yields. Another hope is to introduce bamboo farming to Petite-Rivière-de-Nippes and to utilize the harvested materials in the construction of the co-op. The plan of the project is a small campus of buildings located on the western edge of the main core of the town. Creating a cluster of separate buildings enables phasing of construction and a co-op campus that can develop over time.

Each building will be constructed using bamboo farmed on site and from surrounding fields. Bamboo will provide a strong, lightweight building material that can be replaced when necessary with canes grown at the co-operative. Through demonstrating the construction techniques within the project and teaching the community how to farm bamboo, the community will have access to an alternative construction material and methods for construction of houses and other buildings.