98th Annual Meeting

March 4-7, 2010 | New Orlenas, LA
Hosted by Tulane University
Co-chairs: Judith Kinnard and Bruce Goodwin, Tulane University


What is the role of the building in architectural discourse today? As schools engage in cross-disciplinary dialogues that are essential to the expanded field of architectural practice, does the art and craft of building design remain central to our curricula?  Sophisticated technologies now allow us to preview the appearance and predict the performance of proposed buildings.  Our traditional conception of design is challenged as decision-making can be automated and building parts can be cut, routed or printed to exact tolerances.  Yet the ecological, economic and cultural contingencies that surround each project are increasingly complex. Recent events have exposed the fragility of buildings as objects in the face of natural and man-made forces and the critical role of infrastructure has been made increasingly apparent.

The 2010 ACSA Annual Meeting will engage multiple themes associated with the changing art of building both as artifact and as process in architecture and related disciplines.  The theme encourages debate on how we might balance traditional definitions of aesthetics, urbanism, preservation and construction with innovative practices that shatter the boundaries of architectural thinking.

These debates will be informed by the city of New Orleans. More than 3 years after Hurricane Katrina the process and results of the re-building efforts at work in this most vibrant and unique of American cities will be an important point of reference and topic for discussion.


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