Paper Presenters

March 21-24, 2013, San Francisco
Host School: California College of the Arts
Co-chairs: Ila Berman, California College of the Arts; Ed Mitchell, Yale University

101_1  Waste(lands) + Material Economies     

Matter: Excess vs. Optimization

Jason Payne, University of California, Los Angeles 

The Garden in the Machine
David Ruy, Pratt Institute 

Mixing Urban Cocktails
Ferda Kolatan, University of Pennsylvania 

Six Facets of Matter: Material Futures for the Architectural Object
Rhett Russo, New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Toward an Architectural Theory of Negative Matter
Michael Osman, University of California, Los Angeles  

Practicing Industry
Hugh Hynes, California College of the Arts

New Industrial Design Protocols for Carbon Neutral Buildings
Thomas Spiegelhalter, Florida International University 

Rapid Types: A Coffee Pod and Alternative Digital Processes
Kory Bieg, University of Texas at Austin 

Automate Architecture
Alfredo Andia, Florida International University  

Full Figures: Finding Form in Excess Matter
Kelly Bair, University of Illinois at Chicago

Less is More: Creativity Through Scarcity (GROUP 1)
Elizabeth Golden, University of Washington
Gundula Proksch, University of Washington

Scarcity and Standardization: Architects’ Data and the Exigencies of Total War
Nader Vossoughian, NYIT Schools of Architecture and Design 

The Scarcity Aesthetic: The Technics of Malthus in Late Modernity
Charissa N. Terranova

The Fallacy of Efficiency and Scarcity
Kiel Moe, Harvard University 

Scarcity: Reality and Ideology
Jon Goodbun, University of Westminster 

Less is More: Creativity Through Scarcity (GROUP 2)
Elizabeth Golden, University of Washington
Gundula Proksch, University of Washington

Cheryl Atkinson, Ryerson University 

High and Dry: Performances Around Water's Absence
Beth Weinstein, University of Arizona 

An Ecology from Absence: In Place of Pruitt-Igoe
Nora K. Wendl, Portland State University  

Something from Nothing: Extreme Re-purposing and Material/Construction Processes in First Year Studio
Marcus Shaffer, Pennsylvania State University  

Burn it. Bury it. Or send it on a Caribbean Cruise
El Hadi Jazairy, University of Michigan
Rania Ghosn, University of Michigan 

The Reserva Ecologica: Three Streams of Material Excess in Buenos Aires
Erin S. Putalik, Virginia Tech
Brian Davis, Cornell University

Gob Piles and Culm Dumps
Christian Stayner, Stayner Architects  

Waste, Industry, Ecology: Urban Design Futures for Sauget, IL
Midori Mizuhara, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Anna Muessig, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Kristen Zeiber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

A Geography of Interest: Waste and Public Life
Curt Anderson Gambetta, Woodbury University  

Alan Berger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Urban Sponge: From Drosscape to Foodscape

Brittney Lynn Everett 

Big Box Operations: Managing Waste and Change in Walmart Superstores
Ian Caine, University of Texas at San Antonio  

Anticipating the City That Never Was
Christopher Marcinkoski, University of Pennsylvania  

Île de Nantes – designerly ways of recognition
Ellen Marie Braae, The University of Copenhagen

101_2  Energy Circuits + Artificial Ecologies   

Energy Circuits
Sean Lally, University of Illinois at Chicago

Systole and Diastole: Multimedia Environments and Manifold Form
Adam Fure, University of Michigan 
Ashley Fure, Harvard University 

Naturalizing Architecture – Beauty Becoming Beast A Design Study: Condensation House
Skender Luarasi, Rhode Island School of Design
Carl Solander, Harvard University 

Zenovia Toloudi, Wentworth Institute of Technology 

Mountains & Clouds: Landscape, Meteorology and Building Form
Stephen Hugh Roe, Feng Chia University 

Synthetic Ecologies
Marcelyn Gow, Southern California Institute of Architecture

Synthetic Ecological Frameworks
Bradley Cantrell, Louisiana State University 
Frank Melendez, Louisiana State University 

The Thin Green Line
Dora Epstein Jones, Southern California Institute of Architecture 

Noise Control: Designing with Entropic Processes
Daniel Norell, KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

Tomorrow’s Ecologies | A Synthetic Approach
Nicole Koltick, Drexel University

Architecture's Next Companion Species
Mason White, University of Toronto

Land Management Tribes: A New Species of Symbiotic Architectures for The Great Plains
Matthew Spremulli, University of Toronto 
Fei-Ling Tseng, University of Toronto

Mess-Mate Codesigners
Edward Dodington

Animal Companions / Posthuman Territory
Ariane Lourie Harrison, Yale University 

Constructing Wilderness
Joyce Hwang, University at Buffalo, SUNY 

Ecological Infrastructures: From Bubbles to Territories  
Lola Sheppard, University of Waterloo

Infrastructure as Organism
Mitchell Joachim, NYU Gallatin 
Melanie Fessel

The Envirobubble: Clean Air Pods Redux
Lydia Kallipoliti, The Cooper Union 

FRONTIER URBANISM: Explorations and Propositions in the Expanded Field
Christopher Austin Roach, California College of the Arts

3 Dialectical Ecology: Towards a Critical Metabolic Materialism
Jon Goodbun, University of Westminster 

Helene Furjan, University of Pennsylvania

Niche-Tactics: The Giraffe Model
Caroline O'Donnel, Cornell University 

Tropical Ecologies : Biomimicry as a Generator for Climate Responsive Architectural Design
Tobias Holler, New York Institute of Technology 

A Field Guide to Generating Architectural Species
Nicole Koltick, Drexel University 
Matthew Lutz, Princeton University 

Urban Filtration | Architecture as Watershed
Corey T. Griffin, Portland State University 

101_3  Genetic Systems + Non-standard Modes of (Re)Production   

Figuring Differentiation
Chris Hight, Rice University

Layered Fabrications
Grant Gibson, University of Illinois at Chicago 

Heterotopic Speciation [Theorizing an alternative Parametric Syntax]
Maximiliano Spina, Woodbury University 

A Bi-directional Thermal Rectifying Facade ~ for a hot-arid climate
Michael Ritzenthaler, University of Arizona 

Digital Craft: Material, Technology and Performance
Heather Roberge, University of California, Los Angeles

Art of Workmanship in the Digital Age
Awilda I Rodriguez, Oklahoma State University  

Formations of Digital Craft Culture
Andrew Kudless, California College of the Arts

Craft Works: On How to Get Medieval
Ramiro Diaz-Granados, Southern California Institute of Architecture 

Strand Porosities: Mixing Traditional Textile Techniques with Digital Craft
Kenneth Joseph Tracy, Washington University in St. Louis 
Christine Yogiaman, Washington University in St. Louis

Mass Customization + Non-Standard Modes of (Re)production
Branko Kolarevic, University of Calgary

MASS Customization 
Danelle Briscoe, University of Texas at Austin 

Beyond Control: Parametrics and Metadesign as a Model for Mass-Customization
Frank Richard Jacobus, University of Arkansas 
Marc Anthony Manack, Ohio State University 

Eclipsis: Historical Precedent - Digital Fabrication
Robert J. Dunay, Virginia Tech
Joseph Wheeler, Virginia Tech 
Robert P. Schubert, Virginia Tech 
Jonathan Grinham, Studio 27

101_4  Exchange Terminals + Interactive Technologies   

Sensing the City
Jason Johnson, California College of the Arts

Expanding Scenarios for Responsive Architecture
AnnaLisa Meyboom, University of British Columbia 

Reconsidering Physicality
Paola Zellner-Bassett, Virginia Tech

Living Bits + Bricks
Carlo Ratti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nashid Nabian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Mediated and Situated Landscapes
Andrzej Zaraycki, New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Manual of Networked Possibilities: Forward Thinking Interventions for Intelligent Cities
Therese Tierney, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 

Urban Performance and Media Scapes
Ariane Lourie Harrison, Yale University 

Negotiated Territory
John McMorrough, University of Michigan

The Demilitarized Zone: Redrawing the 151-mile border between North and South Korea
Dongsei Kim, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation

The High Frontier, the Megastructure, and The Big Dumb Object
Fred Scharmen, Morgan State University 

Cosmopolitan Beasts: Pee-Wee's Applied Pedagogy
Julia Sedlock, Cosmo Design Factory 

Re-Cultivating the Forest City
Christopher Marcinkoski, University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Moddrell, University of Illinois at Chicago 

101_5  Enclaves / Territories + Expanding Megalopolises   

Securing the Perimeter 
Elijah Huge, Wesleyan University

Territory Jam: Tehran
Rudabeh Pakravan, University of California, Berkeley  

For + Against: Designing for Failure
Julie Larsen, Syracuse University 

Proliferating the Perimeter: A Spatial Plan for the Maldives
Joyce Hsiang, Yale University 
Bimal Mendis, Yale University 

Rapid Cities: Prototyping Urban Growth
Mona El Khafif, California College of the Arts

Adaptable Urban Models in the Age of Climatic Changes: ParametricNOLA
Pasquale De Paola, Louisiana Tech University 

Brian P. McGrath, Parsons The New School for Design 
Martina Barcelloni-Corte, IUAV, University of Venice
Somporn Sangawongse, Chiang Mai University

Global Garden City: Trans-Territorial Ecologies in Singapore
Kian Goh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

The City of 7 Billion: An Index 
Joyce Hsiang, Yale University 
Bimal Mendis, Yale University 

Strategies Beyond the Compact City
Felipe Correa, Harvard University

Suburban Sensibilities
David Salomon, Cornell University

Gaining Ground: Structuring Settlement in the Uncertain Economic and Climactic Landscape of the Gulf Coast Mega-Region
Jeff Carney, Louisiana State University 

Free Trade Zone Urbanism
Martin Felsen, Illinois Institute of Technology

Grand Manner Alla Turca: Istanbul’s Territorial Appropriations
Erkin Ozay, Harvard University 

Infrastructural and Ecological Urbanisms 
Julia Czerniak, Syracuse University

Coeur de Ville: An urban, ecological catalyst
Ursula Emery McClure, Louisiana State University 
Michael McClure, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Bradley Cantrell, Louisiana State University 

Maria Arquero de Alarcon, University of Michigan 
Jen Maigret, University of Michigan 

Roadmap 2050 and the Promised Landscapes of Low-Carbon
Rania Ghosn, University of Michigan 

Remaking Paris as the 'City of Flows'
Lara Belkind, Columbia University 

101_6  Populations / Networks / Datascapes: From Cloud Culture to Informal Communities  

Guerilla Ecologies

Ulrike Heine, Clemson University 
Dan Harding, Clemson University 
Aaron Bowman, Clemson University 
Bernhard Sill, Hochschule Trier | University of Applied Sciences

What Can We Do With(out) Action?
Christopher Austin Roach, California College of the Arts

No More Waiting for Superman: Teaching Guerilla Urbanism and Reflexive Practice
José L.S. Gámez, University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
Janni SorensenUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte 

Emerging from Dystopia: Latin America’s Latest Lessons
Luis Diego Quiros, University of Maryland 

Dan Clark, University of Minnesota 

Discursive Networks
Ana Miljaki, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Amanda Reeser Lawrence, Northeastern University 

Architectural Appropriations in the Age of Networked Reproduction
William T. Willoughby, Louisiana Tech University 
Pasquale De Paola, Louisiana Tech University

Edvard Ravnikar’s Liquid Modernism: Architectural Identity in a Network of Shifting References
Vladmir Kulic, Florida Atlantic University 

Anonymity and Influence: Corporate Authorship and The Architects Collaborative
Michael Kubo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Loos, Law and the Culture of the Copy
Ines Weizman, London Metropolitan University 

Urban Geographies of Multiculturalism  
Armando Montilla, Clemson University

Mapping the African – American Urban Enclave: The Ghetto in Translation
Scott L. Ruff, Tulane University 

Hedonistic Urbanism: The Beirut Post-War Experience
Elizabeth Martin, Southern Polytechnic State University 

CompliCity: Transformation of public spaces in the Heart of Sharjah
Samia Rab, American University of Sharjah 

Urban Code
Laura Kurgan, Columbia University
Nicholas de Monchaux, University of California, Berkeley

Radical Railbanking
McLain Clutter, University of Michigan 

Brett L. Snyder, University of California, Davis 
Jonathan Massey, Syracuse University