Paper Presenters

100th Annual Meeting - Digital Aptitudes

ACSA 100th Annual Meeting 

March 1-4, 2012 in Boston, MA
Host School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Co-chairs: Mark Goulthorpe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Amy Murphy, University of Southern California


Downloadable Abstract Book
Note: The Abstract Book will not be available on-site. Please pre-print this for your reference during the conference.


1912: Progress, Technology, and Nature
Fran Leadon, City College of New York

Evaluating Progressivism: A Critique of Biomimetic Architecture

Wynn Buzzell, UNC Charlotte- School of Architecture

From Orthographic to Eccentric:Tall Architecture of Extreme
Terri Boake, University of Waterloo

The On-Again Off-Again Romance  Between Nature and Technology in Healthcare Settings
Mardelle Shepley, Texas A&M University

Utopias/Dystopias: from the Progressive Era to a Sustainable Future
Marie-Alice L'Heureux, University of Kansas

1988–1997: Ambitions and Apprehensions of a “Digital Revolution”
John Stuart, Florida International University
Sunil Bald, Yale University

Eulogy to Paperless Studios: The Kernel for Pulsation in Architecture
Eric Goldemberg, Florida International University

Extreme Makeover; or How the F-Word Shaped Contemporary Architecture
Dora Epstein Jones, SCI-Arc

The Autonomous Nature of Creativity in Juxtaposition to the New Structuralism
Hollee Becker, Catholic University of America


4D Architecture
Keith Green, Clemson University

4D Environments and Design: Prototyping Interactive Architecture
Jonathan Grinham, Studio27
Kihong Ku, Philadelphia University

Cloud Code:  Public Space in 4 Dimensions
Andrew Vrana, University of Houston
Joseph Meppelink, University of Houston
Travis McCarra, Metalab

Reflections on Kinetic Reticulated Frameworks
Bernhard Sill, Clemson University

Self-organizing Strategy: An Adaptable Growth Model for Architecture
Taro Narahara, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Advanced Composite  Fabrication Technologies for Architecture
Michael Silver, Mike Silver Architects

Fibrous Boundaries: 'Green' Composites in Architectural Applications
Anil Netravali, Cornell University
John Hoiby, Cornell University

In-situ processing of thermoplastic composites for large-scale structures
Anne Roberts, Automated Dynamics
Robert Langone, Automated Dynamics

Laminar Folds: Fabric Structure Molds to Jigs
David Hill, North Carolina State University
Laura Garofalo, University At Buffalo, SUNY

Zero+ Spatial Deployment of Thermoplastic Structural Panels via Robotic Manufacture
Mark Goulthorpe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The Agency of Drawing and the Digital Process
Andrew Atwood, University of Southern California

(Mis)Behaviors of Drawing
Kelly Bair, University of Illinois at Chicago

Digital Distortion
Volkan Alkanoglu, Southern California Institute of Architecture

Drawing the Line; or Surrender, Surrender, but Don't Give Yourself Away...
Dora Epstein Jones, SCI-Arc

The Stylus Vector
Michael Young, The Cooper Union


Automatism, or, Post-Medium Architecture and Post-War Art
Sean Keller, Illinois Institute of Technology

Software: Jack Burnham and the Medium as System
Charissa Terranova, University of Texas at Dallas

The Death of Film in Architecture
James Macgillivray, University of Michigan

The Solaris Mirror
Luke Ogrydziak, Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects


Becoming Computational: Restructuring/ Reconsidering Pedagogy Towards a (More) Computational Discipline
Christopher Beorkrem, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Nicholas Senske, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Bootstrapping a Computational Discourse
Maya Przybylski, University of Waterloo

Computation as an Ideological Practice
Jeffrey Huang, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Nathaniel Zuelzke, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Trevor Patt, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Computational Design Methods
David Lee, Clemson University

Integrated BIM and Parametric Modeling: Course Samples with Multiple Methods and Multiple Phases
Wei Yan, Texas A&M University

Beyond Digital: Speculations on Analog Convergence
Brian Lonsway, Syracuse University

A Materiality of Agency//  Speculations on the Impact of Biological Computation on Materiality and Space
Nicole Koltick, Drexel University

Jordan Geiger, SUNY at Buffalo

From Digital Materials To Self-Assembly
Skylar Tibbits, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Parallel Tracks:  Digital | Analog Dialogue in Toy Development
Jennifer Akerman, University of Tennessee-Knoxville


Design Computation:  Parametrics, Performance, Pedagogy and Praxis
Karen Kensek, University of Southern California

Folded Sun-Shades: from Origami to Architecture
Ashley Koger, University of Oregon
Abraham Rodriguez, University of Oregon
Nancy Cheng, University of Oregon

Material in Performance - driven Architectural Geometry
Sevil Yazici, Istanbul Technical University
Leyla Tanacan, Istanbul Technical University

Performance-Based Generative Design. An Investigation of the Parametric Nature of Architecture
Ming Tang, University of Cincinnati
Jonathon Anderson, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Ajla Aksamija, Perkins + Will
Michael Hodge, Perkins + Will

Signature Architecture Franchising: Improving Average Architecture using BIM
Ehsan Barekati, Texas A&M University
James Haliburton, Prairie View A&M University

Mark Clayton, Texas A&M University
Ozan Ozener, Texas A&M University


Digital Details
Matt Burgermaster, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Optimization Takes Command: Miscalculations in Performative Design
Doris Sung, University of Southern California

Tending to the Detail
Patrick Doan, Virginia Tech

Flies in the Ointment: Reconsidering Detail in a Physiochemical / Chemiophysical Paradigm
Rhett Russo, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Digital Nouveau and the New Materiality
Armando Montilla, Clemson University

Digital Plecnik : Vienna Years
Magdalena Garmaz, Auburn University

Material Postproduction
Adam Fure, University of Michigan

Nouveau Pulsation - 100 Years of Craft Evolution: From Art Nouveau to Digital Pulsation
Eric Goldemberg, Florida International University

Tactile Values: a Political Economy of Smooth Surfaces
Ann Marie Brennan, University of Melbourne

Emerging Materials, Renewable Energy, and Ecological Design
Franca Trubiano, University of Pennsylvania

Aluminet: A Study In Technology Transfer and Radiant Barriers Post-Sputnik
Ryan Salvas, Auburn University

Beyond Arrows: Natural Ventilation in a High-rise Building with Double Skin Façade
Mona Azarbayjani, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Drawing Energy Abu Dhabi: Critical Reflections
Lisa Moffitt, University of Edinburgh

EcoArchitectural Machines
Brook Muller, University of Oregon

Photosynthetic Energy and Ecological Recycling: The Architectural Potential of Algae Cultivation
Gundula Proksch, University of Washington

REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures
Chris Ford, University of Nebraska

Simulationg Visual Comfort and Energy Performance of Organic Energy Harvesting Electrochromic Windows (EH-ECWs) in Mid-Size Commercial Office Buildings
Amanda Bruot, University of Washington
Christopher Meek, University of Washington


Integration, Not Segregation: Interdisciplinary Design Pedagogy for the Second 100 Years
James Doerfler, California Polytechnic State University
Kevin Dong, California Polytechnic State University

A 21st Century Approach to Trans-disciplinary Sustainable Design Education
Robert Fleming, Philadelphia University

A New Regional Platform for Computational Fabrication
Brad Bell, University of Texas at Arlington
Kevin McClellan, University of Texas At San Antonio
Will Laufs, Buro Happold
Andrew Vrana, University of Houston

In Support of Pre-Professional Relations: Guidelines for Effective Educational Collaborations between Architecture and Engineering
Clare Olsen, California Polytechnic State University
Sinead Mac Namara, Syracuse University

Reaching for Sustainability Using Technology and Teamwork:  Teaching Integrated Project Delivery in Multi-Disciplinary Studios
Carrie Dossick, University of Washington
Kathrina Simonen, University of Washington
Robert Pena, University of Washington


Open: Community
Tom Fisher, University of Minnesota

A Small House Nation: Making Our Stuff Fit
James OBrien, Miami University

Activating Agency: Assessing Impacts of Global Collaborative Practices
Michael Zaretsky, University of Cincinnati

Architecture For the Public Good , A Problematic Development Process
David Kratzer, Philadelphia University

Bricks and Bones:  Discovering Atlanta’s Forgotten Spaces of Neo-Slavery
Richard Becherer, Southern Polytechnic State University

Four Transit Villages for Nashville: A Case Study in University Research and Livable Communities
Thomas Davis, University of Tennessee

Millennials and Design Education
Richard Sweeney, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Darius Sollohub, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Open: Disaster Recovery 
Reinhard Goethert, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Digital and Analog Aptitudes in Emergency Shelter Design and Fabrication
Bruce Johnson, University of Kansas

Haitian Rebuilding Initiative: Technological Solutions that Hinge on Empowerment
Juintow Lin, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Michael Fox, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Learning From Disaster: Lessons from Community-based Design in Haiti
John Comazzi, University of Minnesota
Jim Lutz, University of Minnesota

reCOVER: Transitional Disaster Recovery Housing
Anselmo Canfora, University of Virginia


Open: Diversity
Brian Kelly, University of Maryland

Opportunities & Challenges: Learning Experience from International Architectural Students in the US
Xiao Hu, University of Idaho

The Predicament of Diversity through the Architectural Pedagogy of Beginning
Shima Baradaran Mohajeri, Texas A&M University

Open: History/Theory
Vittoria Di Palma, Columbia University

Blow-Up: Architecture and the Technology of Contemporary Art
Isabelle Wallace, University of Georgia

Nora Wendl, Portland State University

Leftovers: Residual and Risk in "Our Digital Present"

Jasmine Benyamin, Texas A&M University

Digital Ecstasy: Architecture in the Post-Fordist Era
Elie Haddad, Lebanese American University
Nadir Lahiji, Lebanese American University

Open: Sustainable Design 
Adrian Parr, University of Cincinnati

The Ontological Performance of Sustainable Design
Michael Harpster, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Uneasy Green: The Value of a Semi-Autonomous, Productively Critical Green Architecture
Doug Jackson, California Polytechnic State University

Yes, They Do Walk In Suburbia: Multfamily Housing and Trips to Strips
Nico Larco, University of Oregon
Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon


Open: Urbanism 
Tim Love, Northeastern University

From the Park to Parking: the Evolution of Suburban Mobility
Ian Baldwin, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Laid Bare: Debating an Expanded Role for Instrastructure at the World Trade Center
Robert Arens, California Polytechnic State University

Other Urbanisms: A scalar approach towards pervious design
Jen Maigret, University of Michigan
Maria Arquero de Alarcon, University of Michigan


Post-Parametric Environments
Jennifer Leung, Yale University

Biochemical Injections - Architecture as a Biotechnical Interface in a Post-parametric Environment.
Mina Yaney

Communication Theory as an Anti-environment for Understanding the Effects of Technological Environments upon Cultural Change
Isaac Lerner, Eastern Mediterranean University

Risky Business: from Digital Fabrication to the Abstract Workshop
Mark Cabrinha, California Polytechnic State University

The Parameters of the Posthuman
Ariane Lourie Harrison, Yale University


Registration and Projection: The Mediations of Urban Imaging Technologies
McLain Clutter, University of Michigan

Aerial Vision-Based Model of Urbanism
El Hadi Jazairy, University of Michigan

Modeling Spatial Activity Distributions in Complex Urban Conditions: The Markov Chain Model for Weighting Spaces with Attractors
Ipek Rohloff, Mount Holyoke College
Kurt Rohloff, Raytheon/BBN Technologies

Representing Information: Envisioning the City through Data
Karen Lewis, Ohio State University

Spectacle of the Hyper-Real: Environmental Simulation, Cybernetic Subjects, and Urban Design
Anthony Raynsford, San Jose State University


Situated Technologies
Jordan Geiger, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Omar Khan, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Mark Shepard, University at Buffalo, SUNY

A Cybernetic House Between
Duncan Patterson, University of Waterloo

Appropriateness in the Design of Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Nasir Barday, TandemSeven, Inc.

Informing Material Specification
Ayelet Karmon, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Mette Thomsen, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

Intelligent Infrastructure:  Mobile Networks as Tactical Transportation
Therese Tierney, University of Illinois Urbana Chamapign
Ben Feldmann, Mia Lehrer Landscape Architecture
Dinesh Perrera, Format Design
Gerry Tierney, 510 Collective
Katherine Handy, Field Paoli Architects
Tyron Marshall, Perkins+Wills


Teaching History in the Digital Age
Carla Keyvanian, Auburn University

Building Socialistic Architectural Schools: The Transformation of China's Architectural Education from American Beaux-Arts Model into the Soviet Model
Xiao Hu, University of Idaho

On the Use Value of History
Amir Ameri, University of Colorado

Transparency: Literal, Phenomenal, Digital
Bimal Balakrishnan, University of Missouri - Columbia
Newton D'souza, University of Missouri - Columbia
James Dicker, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Theoretical Implications of BIM: Performance and Interpretation
John Folan, Carnegie Mellon University
Ute Poerschke, Pennsylvania State University

Beauty+ the BIM
Danelle Briscoe, University of Texas at Austin

Integrating BIM Into the Comprehensive Design Studio
Jerry Stivers, Oklahoma State University

Parametric BIM as a Generative Design Tool
Andrzej Zarzycki, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Topological Future: Generative BIM
Alfredo Andia, Florida International University