UNCERTAINTY | 2019 Administrators Conference

November 7-9, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

Conference Partner:

Tulane University, School of Architecture

Conference Co-chairs:   

Iñaki Alday, Dean, Tulane University
Michelle Addington, Dean, University of Texas at Austin
Kentaro Tsubaki, Associate Dean, Tulane University


New Orleans Walking Tours

Following are tours being offered pre & post the primary conference on Thursday, November 7th & Saturday, November 9th.

 Thursday, November 7th

1:00pm  South Market District Renaissance Tour
  A booming area of downtown revitalization, at the intersection of the Central Business District, Medical District, and the sports/entertainment corridor, the newly named South Market District is experiencing a renaissance placing it squarely in the up-and-coming areas of the city. The tour will explore the historical significance of  its location as the edge of the ‘Back of Town’, an historically African American neighborhood known as the birthplace as jazz. We will examine the fascinating mix of adaptive reuse, historic preservation, and new construction in the "Old CBD." in buildings being developed as apartments, condominiums, hotels, and restaurants. This tour of rapidly transforming South Market will provide a unique snapshot of techniques used to resurrect this district while preserving its historic character. The tour will include a visit to the newly re-opened Pythian Building, an important landmark of the Civil Rights era in New Orleans.  

$60.00 Walking Tour

 Saturday, November 9th 

1:00pm Bywater Neighborhood Tour 

The Bywater, previously known as the Upper Ninth Ward,  lies on natural high ground along the Mississippi River. In the 300 years of urban growth, the desirable riverside location transformed from colonial plantations to an important industrial area linked by railroads and river transport to national and international shipping. The dense working class community that grew up alongside are rich in historic houses -  colorful Creole cottages and ornamented shotgun dwellings - and have been transformed since Hurricane Katrina floods into one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. The industrial riverfront has been replaced by a linear urban park, and many of the warehouses have become restaurants, artist studios and home to a variety of creative industries. The tour will include a visit to the Peter and Paul Hotel, a recent and acclaimed adaptive reuse of a mothballed Catholic church complex of buildings. 

$60.00 Walking Tour
  Saturday, November 9th
1:00pm  Shaping the Built Environment: The Work of URBANBuild & The Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design 
  The geography and context of New Orleans informs Tulane’s architectural pedagogy. This tour uses these ties and explores the city and its neighborhoods through the community engaged design and design/build projects of URBANBuild & The Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design. We will begin in Central City, a neighborhood with a storied history as an important hub in the civil rights movement which also serves as the home of the Small Center and the primary location of URBANBuild’s work. The tour will then transect the city traveling through Esplanade Ridge, the 7th Ward, MidCity on to City Park offering an opportunity to both see projects completed in partnership with non-profit organizations and to engage with the complex social and ecological challenges the city faces. 

  $30.00 Bus & Walking Tour