2013 Administrators Conference


2013 ACSA Administrators Conference November 14-16, 2013 | Providence, RI
Host School: Rhode Island School of Design
Co-chairs: William Morrish, Parsons The New School for Design; Pradeep Sharma, Rhode Island School of Design

Practice is changing, transforming and mutating into a polluted, messy and inventive process of disciplinary alliances and partnerships. Disciplines seemingly distant from architecture have thrown conventional pairings into a tailspin, by introducing push and pull forces of new knowledge from fields such as robotics, biology, electronics, climatology, fabrication, sociology, political science, digital information deliberation and social networks. Architecture has had to be inventive to capture these new opportunities while at the same time be promiscuous to survive this radical transformation of normative practice. It has to re-invent itself to generate next practices, future protocols and methods.

New students and the general public are seeking different objectives from the field of architecture than is typically addressed in practice.  Architecture is seen as a potential vehicle to respond to resilient urban landscapes, social production of housing, sustainable supply chain material development, robotic assembly of building components and even health policies for building a healthy public realm. 

As such architectural education has also had to adapt and invent within the folds of academia and professional licensure criteria. How do we educate, manage, administer and thrive in this new territory of alternative practices? What alternative practices have emerged? What is forecasted? How do we teach a messy and constantly fluctuating terrain? How do we prepare students to be alternative practitioners? Are these alternative practices mapping out a new and more expanded architectural territory of design, development and building production?

The 2013 ACSA Administrators conference will be structured as a think tank; a place to debate contemporary practice and discuss the potential of fostering and administering generative practices in architectural education within this fluctuating field. It will be a productive platform for discussion, innovation, speculation and forecasting. This creative design workshop will be a place for debate and discussion, with design as the instigator and agitator. 

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