Registration & Submissions


A faculty sponsor is required to enroll students online (available at by March 29, 2017. An online registration form must be completed for an entire team or for each individual participant. There is no registration fee to participate in the challenge. Each registered participant will receive a confirmation email that will include information for final online submission. Please add the email address to your address book to ensure that you receive all emails regarding your submission. 

The competition is open for currently enrolled students, only, and will require a faculty sponsor from an ACSA member school to enroll students by completing an online registration form (available at by March 29, 2017. Faculty sponsors must complete a form for the entire studio or for each individual student or team of students participating. Each student will receive a confirmation email that will include personal login information for final online submission. Students or teams wishing to enter the challenge on their own must have a faculty sponsor, who should complete the form.

During registration the faculty will have the ability to add students, add teams, assign students to teams, and add additional faculty. Registration is required by March 29, 2017, after which edits and additions can be made until a student starts a final submission, then the registration is not editable. Faculty may assign a “Faculty Representative” to a registered student, who will have access to change, edit, and make additions to the registration. 

Faculty can follow these steps to access your existing registrations:
1. Log into the ACSA website
2. Click "My ACSA"
3. Click "My Competitions"
4. Find the Competition, Click on the "View/Edit my Team Registration"
From here you can access and edit all registrations up till a student begins the online submission of their final project, then the registration is locked down and will not allow edits.



Digital Submission Format
Submissions must be designed on no more than four 20” x 20” (portrait format) digital boards. The names of student participants, their schools, or faculty sponsors, must NOT appear on the boards.

Registered students are required to submit all boards uploaded through the ACSA website in Portable Document Format (PDF) –or– image (JPEG) files. Each digital board should be uploaded as an individual compressed file. Participants should keep in mind that, due to the large number of entries, preliminary review does not allow for the hanging end-to-end display of presentation boards. Accordingly, participants should not use text or graphics that cross over from board to board. 

Design Essay or Abstract

A brief essay, 500 words maximum, in English, is required as part of the student submission describing critical elements of the design concept and relay information on site selection and client. Keep in mind that the presentation should graphically convey the design solution and context as much as possible, and not rely on the design essay to convey a basic understanding of the project. The names of student participants, their schools or faculty sponsors, must NOT appear in the design essay. This abstract is included in the final online submission, completed by the student(s) in a simple copy/paste text box. 


Summer 2016 
  Competition Launch

March 29, 2017 
  Registration DEADLINE

May 15, 2017 
  Submission DEADLINE

Summer 2017 
  Winners Announced