The submission deadline is 11:59pm PT, May 20, 2015.
Please plan ahead. ACSA will not accept late submissions.

A completed registration, along with faculty approval, is required to access the submission phase. When you are ready, follow the steps below to submit your final project. You can also refer to this PDF for full instructions.

  1. Click “SUBMIT NOW
  2. Log in with your ACSA username + password. If you forget, DO NOT create another ACSA account. Instead, Use this link to retrieve your password. You must use the same account from your registration, which is linked to your entire submission.
  3. Click “VIEW/EDIT” to begin your submission.
  4. Click “Basic Information.” Here you will add your Project Title, Abstract, and Program Edits (if applicable). Click “Save & Exit.”
  5. Upload your boards, one at a time. (4 boards max). Click “Start” next to Upload #1. Repeat until you have uploaded all of your boards.
  6. Once all tasks are complete, you must click “SUBMIT YOUR 
  7. Click “CONTINUE” and you will receive a confirmation email.

*Reminder: the names of participants, their schools, or faculty sponsors, must NOT appear on any of the submitted material.

Submissions must include (but are not limited to) the following required drawings:

  • Three-dimensional representations - in the form of axonometrics, perspectives showing the proposal in its context, montages and/or physical model photographs – to illustrate the character of the project
  • Site plan showing proposal in its context of surrounding buildings and topography, together with details of access/circulation
  • Building/site sections sufficient to show site context and major spatial and program elements
  • Floor plans to show program elements, spatial adjacencies and navigation strategies
  • Large scale drawing(s), either orthographic or three dimensional, illustrating:
    • the use and detailing of steel for building structure and/or envelope
    • integrated design

Submissions must include:

  • Completed online registration including all team members and faculty sponsors
  • 4 digital boards at 20” x 20”.
  • A design essay or abstract (300 words maximum, copy/paste during submission)
  • Program summary diagram/text of spaces and areas (1000 words maximum, copy paste during submission)

Incomplete or undocumented entries will be disqualified. All drawings should be presented at a scale appropriate to the design solution and include a graphic scale. The site plan should include a north arrow.