A design competition to recognize student work that displays sustainable design at the highest level. 
Presented by AIA COTE + ACSA.  

An intention of all ACSA competitions is to make students aware that research is a fundamental element of any design solution. Students are encouraged to research the various measures of sustainability as well as precedent projects from professional practice. These tools and resources will get you started, however you may use whatever tools and resources are available to you.

1. AIA COTE Top Ten for Students: Curriculum Addendum
2. SPREADSHEET - Percent of storm water that is managed onsite
3. AIA COTE website:
4. AIA COTE Top Ten for Professionals Projects  
5. Architecture2030 organization and 2030 Palette:
6. ARCHIVE online exhibition of faculty and student projects and stories:
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9. Muller, Brook. Ecology and the Architectural Imagination. London: Routledge, 2014. Print.
10. Wells, Malcolm. "A Regeneration-Based Checklist for Design and Construction," Society of Building Science Educators, 1999.
11. Climate Consultant:
12. PVWatts Calculator:
13. Hawken, Paul, Amory B. Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins. "Tunneling Through the Cost Barrier." Natural capitalism: creating the next industrial revolution. Snowmass, CO: Rocky Mountain Institute, 2008. Available at: