Category II Open

The ACSA/AISC 2012-2013 Steel Design Student Competition offers architecture students the opportunity to participate in an open competition category with limited restrictions. This category will allow the students (with the approval of a faculty sponsor) to select a site and building program. Steel must be used as the primary structural material and contain at least one space that requires long-span steel structure, with special emphasis placed on innovation in steel design. The project should in part explore the use of Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel.

The Category II program should be at a minimum of equal complexity as the Building to Bridge program. Category II entrants must submit a written building program along with the final submission.

To enter the open competition students may select any building occupancy/type and the building must have at least one space requiring long-span steel structure. Students may not enter both categories of the competition.

Refer to the International Building Code and the local zoning ordinance for information on parking requirements, height restrictions, set backs, easements, flood, egress, and fire containment. Accessibility guidelines need to be followed; refer to the Americans with Disabilities Act, along with the principals of Universal Design.

The design project must be conceived in structural steel construction. A strategy should be considered that evaluates a method for taking advantage of steel’s properties and characteristics in order to conceptualize and propose a critical evaluation of the design solution.

Each presentation must clearly represent the selected program and Criteria for Judging and must include (but are not limited to) the following required drawings: 

  • Large scale drawing(s), either orthographic or three dimensional, illustrating the use of structural steel
  • Three dimensional representation, either in the form of an axonometric, perspective, or model photographs – one of which should illustrate the character of the project. 
  • Building/Site sections sufficient to show site context and major program elements
  • Site plan showing the surrounding buildings, topography, and circulation patterns
  • Floor plans

Submission must include:

  • 4 digital boards at 20” x 20”
  • Illustrate graphically or otherwise the use of steel construction
  • A design essay or abstract (500 words maximum)
  • A building program (building type and a listing of program spaces)

Participants are required to submit a program brief (description of building type and program spaces/square feet). Incomplete or undocumented entries will be disqualified. All drawings should be presented at a scale appropriate to the design solution and include a graphic scale and north arrow.