RESOURCES (Category I & II)
An intention of all ACSA competitions is to make students aware that research is a fundamental element of any design solution. Students are encouraged to research material properties and methods of steel construction, as well as precedent projects that demonstrate innovative use of structural steel.



  1. AISC website:
  2. Modern Steel Construction: This authoritative monthly magazine is made available online free of charge to architectural students taking steel design courses. This magazine covers the use of fabricated structural steel in the variety of structural types. It presents information on the newest and most advanced applications of structural steel in a wide range of structures. Issues of Modern Steel Construction (1996 - Present) are available online. Visit to view them
  3. Terri Meyer Boake. Understanding Steel Design: An Architectural Design Manual. (Birkhäuser 2013)
  4. John Fernandez. Material Architecture. (Spon Press, 2006)
  5. Victoria Bell and Patrick Rand. Materials for Design 2. (Princeton Architectural Press, 2014)
  6. Shulitz, Habermann, Sobek. Steel Construction Manual. (Birkhäuser Basel 2000)
  7. Annette LeCuyer. Steel and Beyond. (Birkhäuser Basel 2003)
  8. Lyall, Sutherland. Remarkable Structure: Engineering today’s Innovative Buildings. (Princeton Architectural Press, 2002)Students may not enter both categories of the competition 


  1. The Justice Center at Leoben is a court and prison complex in Leoben, Austria, designed by architect Joseph Hohensinn. Communal spaces and outdoor walking park with 205 inmates. Source:
  2. Las Colinas Woman’s Detention and Reentry Facility features a residentially-scaled campus plan concept minimizing the visual “message” of a detention facility in San Diego, California. Sources: comforts-and-rehabilitates-inmates and
  3. Le Monastère des Augustines is a structurally separate interstitial building in Quebec City, Canada designed by ABCP Architecture. Part of an existing monastery, the new glassed-in section is designed to reflect the community’s openness, clearly define the circulation zones, and showcase the historic buildings’ façades.
  4. Sierra Bonita Housing is a mixed-use affordable housing in West Hollywood, California designed by TIGHE Architecture. The courtyard features an eccentric brace frame core and is a model for the city’s Green Building Ordinance. affordable-housing/
  5. Quick reference guide: Immigration Detention 101 issues/detention-101

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