Other Opportunities


  • International Design-Build Workshops in Lesotho

    As part of the in loco program, Rise International is organizing 4 international workshops this Summer in Lesotho - a land-locked country within South Africa (which will be Winter in Lesotho) on the following dates:
    Workshop 1 – July 14 to 23, 2018
    Workshop 2 – July 22 to 31, 2018
    Workshop 3 – July 30 to August 8, 2018
    Workshop 4 – August 7 to 16, 2018
    Each workshop has availability for a max of 10 international students (cost $1595 per person inclusive of accommodation, meals & transport NOT flights). 


  • 2018 AIA Upjohn Research Initiative Grants

    The AIA Upjohn program funds up to six research grants of $15,000-$30,000 per recipient annually for projects completed in a 6- to 18-month period. The research should relate to architectural knowledge that can be applied within the discipline. One grant will be dedicated to design and health principles.

    Submit your proposal by September 1, 2018.


  • 2019 Lyceum Fellowship

    Deadline: March 22, 2019

    The Lyceum Fellowship's mission is to advance the profession of architecture by engaging students in design and travel.

    It was established in 1985 to advance the development of the next generation of talent by creating a vehicle for stimulating perceptive reasoning and inspiring creative thought in our field. Through a unique structure of design competition and prizewinning travel grants it seeks to establish a dialogue through design among selected schools of architecture.

Call for Papers

  • Aesthetics of Gentrification: Art, Architecture, and Displacement

    Submission Deadline: October 8, 2018

    Dates: April 5-6
    University of Oregon in Portland

  • CENTER: Architecture and Design in America, Volume 22

    Deadline: November 30, 2018

    The theme is A I R: air quality, air movement, air conditioning, and air as spirit or atmosphere, from intimate to urban scales. Approaches can be technical or phenomenological; science- or art-based. The proposition to be explored is that, for all the attention paid to space in architecture, it is often air we actually mean and feel, and air that is of consequence.

    Exhibition and Symposium, October 2018
    School of Architecture, The University of Texas at Austin


  • BTES 2019: Integration and Innovation

    Dates: June 19-22, 2019
    Location: University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Urban Inventories: Urban Documentation as Design Project

    Conference and exhibition at the Centre de design, Montréal
    21 to 29 March 2019
    Deadline: September 15, 2018

    The international conference-exhibition invites academics involved in creative-research in design and related disciplines to contribute to the reflection on the roles played by documentation and invention in investigating the city and its territory.

    The Urban Inventories conference-exhibition examines the crossover between documentation and invention as they relate to the city. To document, to represent and to project urban complexity are essential tasks toward a deeper understanding of urban spatial production at all scales and ways to generate new meaning for the city. The design-research projects presented and exhibited are aimed at reconsidering urban complexity, representational forms of knowledge, and research in design and related disciplines. These considerations highlight four central preoccupations of the conference: situated practice, representation, projection and investigation. How are documentary practices in design and their modes of representation generative of new urban knowledge? How and when does the act of making an inventory become a design project?

To list a conference or competition open for participation by architectural educators and students, please email Amanda Gann at agann@acsa-arch.org