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Fabrication Lab Assistant Manager

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November 21, 2018


University of Virginia


Charlottesville, VA


The University of Virginia School of Architecture seeks applicants for an Assistant Fabrication Lab Manager to join our extraordinary team. Our FabLab is a center of making, prototyping, and building at all scales, support for curricula from the School's four departments, and a connection to labs all over the University. The Assistant Manager will be able to help shape the spaces and operations of a new Lab renovation, help develop academic and training curricula, and research at the cutting edge of fabrication technology.  

The Assistant Manager joins an enthusiastic crew with the FabLab Manager and the student team of FabLab Teaching Assistants, an extremely supportive and engaged faculty and staff, and a prolific and eager student body. The position will work with the Manager to help oversee day-to-day FabLab operations, mentor the TA Crew, purchase and maintain tools, develop and adhere to safety protocol, and manage budget, schedule, and logistics of projects both coming through and originating in the FabLab. The position will work closely with students, staff, and faculty to develop training and to teach workshops in a wide range of fabrication techniques from the analog to the digital.

Applicants are required to have a strong expertise in some or all of the following areas: woodworking, casting and mold making, CNC routing, laser cutting, sewing and textiles, design robotics, microcontrollers and Arduinos, 3D printing, 3D scanning, AR/VR, or other fabrication techniques. Knowledge of machine maintenance in these areas is essential. Through a portfolio, candidates should demonstrate their abilities in physical and digital modeling, conceptualizing design solutions, iterative prototyping, and craft in their fields of expertise. Candidates must have strong communication skills with the ability to educate a diverse group of individuals on the use of tools, safety, and innovative techniques, as well as the ability to be flexible, patient, and adaptable to a variety of projects, schedules, and situations. 

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