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Administrative Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship (SISE) SISE Program Director

Post Date:

April 3, 2018


Tulane University


New Orleans, LA


Effective Date:    
                     July 1, 2018

Position Summary: 

The Program Director for Social Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship (SISE) reports directly to the Dean of the School of Architecture with a dotted reporting line to the Executive Director of the Taylor Center. The Program Director coordinates with other administrative colleagues to develop, facilitate, and promote a variety of academic initiatives within the SISE program and, in collaboration with others, across the University. In particular, the Director maintains regular communication channels, supervises SISE instructors and advises SISE students, oversees the budget, supports SISE curriculum development, supports Social Entrepreneurship Professors, oversees the SISE evaluation strategy, and participates in research and writing projects. The Taylor Center Executive Director coordinates with and keeps the School of Architecture Dean apprised of any evolving issues related to the SISE Program Director’s role. Responsibilities may evolve as needed by the program, the Executive Director, and the Dean.

Key Responsibilities:
●   Administration of the SISE Academic Program
●   Implementation of academic programming that directly supports SISE students
●   Teaching one 3 credit SISE (core) course each semester
●   Contribution to Taylor research and writing projects
●   Support of social entrepreneurship professors
●   General administration needs (managing the budget, meetings, etc.)

Performance Standards:
●   All reports, programming, research, and collaborative projects are managed appropriately and professionally.
●   Teaching to a high standard; favorable evaluations.
●   Assist in ensuring that faculty, students, and staff are aware of SISE and understand ways to get involved or collaborate.
●   A professional, considerate approach is maintained at all times.

Financial Responsibility: Yes

Supervisory Responsibility: Oversight of SISE Instructors

Minimum Qualifications:
●   Master’s degree in a related field that involves social innovation
●   Demonstrated university-level teaching experience and effectiveness
●   Administrative experience, including advising at the undergraduate level

Preferred Qualifications:
●   Ph.D. degree with research that involves social innovation
●   Service learning experience

Application Instructions:
All application materials should be submitted using the following link by April 12, 2018.

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