Competition Name

Program / Challenge

For the competition, students are required to address the following in their submissions:

Teams of students from multiple disciplines, including but not limited to facility planning, architecture, engineering, and facility operations, are encouraged to collaborate to fulfill these requirements while addressing critical issues of the program. These include appropriate responses to climate and culture, deference to available natural resources, integration of design and systems, and the maintainability of the laboratory and campus long-term operations and maintenance in a sustainable manner.

In addition, students should apply the following evaluation criteria when defining the concept and scope of their proposal:

Requirements for Marine Research and Education Center Design

The Laboratory shall:

The Campus shall:

Marine Research and Education Center Space Summary

As the Marine Research and Education Center campus will comprise multiple buildings, competitors are encouraged to use creativity in designing the number of individual structures and the separation or combination of their functions. Below is the Marine Research and Education Center's actual building program that encompasses the functions of the facility. This program should be used as guidance in the submittals but can be adapted for use by the teams.


Sustainable Lab Competition Program (PDF)