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2009 Guide to Architecture Schools

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Founded in 1912 to advance the quality of architectural education, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) represents all accredited programs and their faculty across the United States and Canada, as well as nonaccredited and international affiliate members around the world. The ACSA collects detailed information from these schools for its Guide to Architecture Schools, which exists both as a book and as a free online searchable database at These publications are the only complete directories of all accredited professional architecture programs in North America and are an invaluable reference for prospective students, graduate students, educators, administrators, counselors, and practitioners. The ACSA Guide to Architecture Schools features detailed program descriptions, an index of specialized and related degree programs, an overview of the profession of architecture and the education process, advice on how to select the right school, and scholarship and financial aid information. Features: o Complete and detailed descriptions of all professional graduate and undergraduate architecture programs in the United States and Canada o Descriptions of preprofessional schools, international architecture programs, and 2-year programs o Index of specialized and related degree programs o An overview of the profession of architecture, the education process, and advice on how to select the right school o Student opportunities and resources o Scholarship and financial aid information

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