2013 ACSA Administrators Conference: Registered Attendees

The following list shows all attendees as of January 21, 2018.

Attendee Name Title  Company
Andrew Dannenberg Affiliate Professor
Jennifer Akerman Assistant Professor University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Darius Sollohub Assistant Professor New Jersey Institute of Technology
Andrew Bernheimer Assistant Professor of Architecture Parsons The New School for Design
Matthew Shea Associate Chair University of Colorado Denver
John Cays Associate Dean New Jersey Institute of Technology
Denis Hector Associate Dean University of Miami
Marc Neveu Associate Dean Woodbury University
Diana Rivera Associate Dean Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
John Stamper Associate Dean University of Notre Dame
David Breiner Associate Dean and Associate Professor Jefferson | Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University
Karen Spence Associate Dean and Associate Professor Drury University
Ethel Goodstein-Murphree Associate Dean and Professor of Architecture University of Arkansas
Michelle Rinehart Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Outreach Georgia Institute of Technology
Saif Haq Ph.D Associate Dean for Academics Texas Tech University
Wendeline Redfield Associate Dean for Academics
Patricia Kucker Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Curriculum
Clifton Ellis Associate Dean of Research Texas Tech University
Greg Hall Associate Dean, College of Architecture, Art, and Design Mississippi State University
Michael McClure Associate Dean, Professor University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Lannis Kirkland Associate Dean; Assistant Professor; Director of Undergraduate Programs; Coordinator-First Year University of Houston
Kelly Carlson-Reddig Associate Director University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Ulrike Altenmueller-Lewis Associate Professor Drexel University
Ralph Belton Associate Professor University of the District of Columbia
David Chenot Associate Professor Fitchburg State University
Shannon Criss Associate Professor University of Kansas
Nicholas de Monchaux Associate Professor University of California, Berkeley
Adam Drisin Associate Professor
Edward Dunson Associate Professor Howard University
Victor Dzidzienyo Associate Professor
R. Todd Gabbard Associate Professor Kansas State University
Martin Gold Associate Professor University of Florida
Carl Miller Associate Professor School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Jill Palmer-Wood Associate Professor Hudson Valley Community College
John Sandell Associate Professor Florida Atlantic University
Paola Sanguinetti Associate Professor University of Kansas
Marja Sarvimaeki Associate Professor
Andrew Scott Associate Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ryan Smith Associate Professor University of Utah
Timothy Stenson Associate Professor Syracuse University
Lisa Tilder Associate Professor The Ohio State University
Jeffrey Tilman Associate Professor University of Cincinnati
Arthur Wrigglesworth Associate Professor Ryerson University
Mo Zell Associate Professor University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Michael MacPhail Associate Professor and Chair-Department of Architecture
Bartlomiej Sapeta Associate Professor of Architecture Keene State College
Corey Saft Associate Professor/Architecture University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Catherine Roussel Career and Outreach Coordinator Woodbury University
Robert Easter Chair Hampton University
Jason Chandler Chair & Associate Professor Florida International University
Ekaterini Vlahos Chair & Professor University of Colorado Denver
Omar Khan Chair + Associate Professor University At Buffalo, SUNY
John Quale Chair and Professor University of New Mexico
Erika Hinrichs Chair of Undergraduate Architecture at Pratt Institute Pratt Institute
Charles Bertolini Chair – Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture North Dakota State University
Catherine Herbst Chair, San Diego Woodbury University
Igor Marjanovic Chair, Undergraduate Architecture Programs Washington University in St. Louis
Michael Murphy Chief Executive Officer of MASS Design Group
Ariane Lourie Harrison Critic Yale University
Mary Anne Akers Dean Morgan State University
Rodolfo Barragan Delgado Dean Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Carey Carscallen Dean Andrews University
Robert Greenstreet Dean University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Elie Haddad Dean Lebanese American University
Mark Mistur Dean Kent State University
John Murphy Jr. Dean University of Texas At San Antonio
Vini Nathan Dean Auburn University
Pradeep Sharma Dean Rhode Island School of Design
James Sullivan Dean Marywood University
Alcibiades Tsolakis Dean Louisiana State University
Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter Dean Woodbury University
Will Wittig Dean University of Detroit Mercy
Timothy De Noble Dean & Professor Kansas State University
Patricia Oliver Dean + Professor University of Houston
Mahesh Daas Dean and ACSA Distinguished Prof University of Kansas
Karen Nelson Dean and Faculty, School of Architecture Boston Architectural College
James West Dean and Professor Mississippi State University
Mark Roberson Dean of Architecture, Visual Arts & Design California Baptist University
Luis Rico-Gutierrez Dean, College of Design Iowa State University
Norman Millar Dean, School of Architecture
John Williams Dean, School of Architecture, Management and Engineering Technology
Ikhlas Sabouni Dean/ ACSA Distinguished Professor Prairie View A&M University
Margot McDonald Department Head California Polytechnic State University
Brian Rex Department Head and Associate Professor South Dakota State University
Cara Armstrong Director Norwich University
James Hanley Director Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation
Christopher Jarrett Director University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Karl Puljak Director Louisiana Tech University
Heather Woofter Director Washington University in St. Louis
Robert MacLeod Director & Professor University of South Florida
James Doerfler Director & Professor of Architecture Jefferson | Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University
Katherine Schwennsen Director + Professor Clemson University
Michael Berk Director and F.L. Crane Professor Mississippi State University
Hsinming Fung Director of Academic Affairs Southern California Institute of Architecture
Pascale Vonier Director of Communications and Media Strategy Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Eric Ellis Director of Operations and Programs Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Valerian Miranda Director, CRS Center Texas A&M University
Keith Krumwiede Director, Graduate Architecture Programs, Associate Professor New Jersey Institute of Technology
Brian Craig AIA, LEED AP Director, Graduate Program in Architecture Kendall College of Art and Design
Thomas Sammons Director, School of Architecture & Design University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Iñaki Alday Elwood R. Quesada Professor University of Virginia
Barbara Klinkhammer Executive Dean Jefferson | Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University
Michael Monti Executive Director Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Andrea Rutledge Executive Director National Architectural Accrediting Board - NAAB
Mimi Sullivan Executive Director Academy of Art University
Carla Abramczyk Executive Director of Development North Carolina State University
Julius Gribou Executive Vice Provost University of Texas At San Antonio
Richard Griswold Faculty Councilor Boston Architectural College
Beverly Willis FAIA
Dennis Andrejko FAIA, Head, Department of Architecture, GIS Rochester Institute of Technology
Mitra Kanaani Full time faculty NewSchool of Architecture and Design
Christian Dagg Head - School of Architecture, Planning, & landscape Architecture Auburn University
Ana Gomez Head of the Department of Architecture Universidad de Monterrey
Andrew Chin Interim Dean Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Hans Butzer Interim Dean, Mabrey Presidential Professor, A. Blaine Imel, Jr. Professor University of Oklahoma
Volkan Alkanoglu Lecturer in Architecture
Elizabeth Roettger Lecturer in Architecture University of Virginia
Glen LeRoy President Boston Architectural College
Marvin Malecha President NewSchool of Architecture and Design
Leonard Bachman Professor University of Houston
David Chasco Professor University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Jon Coddington Professor Drexel University
William Dean Professor State University of New York at Alfred State College
Jori Erdman Professor Louisiana State University
Thomas Fisher Professor University of Minnesota
Benjamin Flowers Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
Urs Peter Flueckiger Professor Texas Tech University
Donald Gatzke Professor University of Texas at Arlington
Deirdre Hardy Professor Florida Atlantic University
David Hinson Professor Auburn University
Michael Hughes Professor American University of Sharjah
Anne Marshall Professor University of Idaho
Taiji Miyasaka Professor Washington State University
Prescott Muir Professor University of Utah
Michaele Pride Professor University of New Mexico
Maurizio Sabini Professor Drury University
Curtis Sartor Jr. Professor Judson University
Roger Schluntz Professor University of New Mexico
Stephen Schreiber Professor University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Jack Seitsinger Professor Oklahoma State University
Judith Sheine Professor University of Oregon
George Thrush Professor Northeastern University
Leslie Van Duzer Professor University of British Columbia
Michael Jenson Professor & Associate Dean University of Colorado Denver
Brian Kelly Professor & Director University of Maryland
Jeffrey Day Professor & Director of the Architecture Program University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Michel Mounayar Professor and Associate Dean Ball State University
Katherine Wingert-Playdon Professor and Associate Dean Temple University
Tom Buresh Professor and Chair of Architecture University of California, Berkeley
Paul Hajian Professor and Chair/Department of Architecture Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Clive Knights Professor and Director Portland State University
Kim Tanzer Professor Emerita University of Virginia
Robin Abrams Professor of Architecture North Carolina State University
Christopher Bardt Professor of Architecture Rhode Island School of Design
Julian Bonder Professor of Architecture Roger Williams University
William Morrish Professor of Architecture
Kenneth Schwartz Professor of Architecture and Dean Tulane University
Patricia Seitz Professor of Architecture, Head Graduate Architecture Program Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Robert Miller Professor, Director University of Arizona
Renee Cheng Professor, Director of MS in Research Practices University of Minnesota
Dawn Barrett Professor, Graphic Design
Donna Robertson Professor, John and Jeanne Rowe Chair Illinois Institute of Technology
David Wang Professor, Program Head Washington State University
Rafael Longoria Professor; ACSA Distinguished Professor University of Houston
Angela DeGeorge Programs Manager Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Craig Barton Provost School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Frances Bronet Provost Illinois Institute of Technology
Mario Carpo Vincent Scully Visiting Professor of Architectural History Yale University
Michael Armstrong National Council of Architectural Registration Boards - NCARB
Jennifer Asselstine Academy of Art University
Steven Baumgartner Buro Happold Consulting Engineers
Laura Briggs Rhode Island School of Design
Lian Chang
Jack Davis Virginia Tech
Ana Maria De Garcia Universidad Del Istmo Guatemala
Elizabeth Debs
Martina Decker New Jersey Institute of Technology
Christopher Dennis Hudson Valley Community College
Blake Dunn National Council of Architectural Registration Boards - NCARB
Eduardo Escobar Universidad Del Istmo Guatemala
Urs Gauchat New Jersey Institute of Technology
Kathleen Kambic University of New Mexico
Theodore Landsmark
Gary Laurence AECOM
John Maeda Rhode Island School of Design
Bruce Nussbaum Parsons The New School for Design
Miguel Robles-Duran Parsons The New School for Design
Martin Schwartz Lawrence Technological University
Jennifer Taylor American Institute of Architecture Students
Glenn Wiggins