2013 ACSA Fall Conference: Registered Attendees

The following list shows all attendees as of August 24, 2019.

Attendee Name Title  Company
Iman Ansari architect/ urbanist AN.ONYMOUS
William Tilson Assistant Dean & Professor Emeritus
Shady Attia Assistant Professor Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
David Beach Assistant Professor Drury University
Hollee Becker Assistant Professor Catholic University of America
Jean-Martin Caldieron Assistant Professor Florida Atlantic University
Thomas Deal Assistant Professor Louisiana Tech University
Shelby Doyle Assistant Professor Iowa State University
Eric Firley Assistant Professor University of Miami
Clifton Fordham Assistant Professor Temple University
Nicholas Gelpi Assistant Professor Florida International University
Henning Haupt Assistant Professor Florida Atlantic University
Ming Hu Assistant Professor University of Maryland
Xiao Hu Assistant Professor University of Idaho
Seth McDowell Assistant Professor University of Virginia
Meredith Miller Assistant Professor University of Michigan
Armando Montilla Assistant Professor
Luis Quiros Assistant Professor
Nathan Richardson Assistant Professor Oklahoma State University
Meredith Sattler Assistant Professor California Polytechnic State University
Mark Taylor Assistant Professor University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Mate Thitisawat Assistant Professor Florida Atlantic University
Keith Van de Riet Assistant Professor University of Kansas
Julia Watson Assistant Professor
Taner Ozdil Assistant Professor of Architecture
Sean Burkholder Assistant Professor of Landscape and Urban Design University At Buffalo, SUNY
Marilys Nepomechie Associate Dean and Professor Florida International University
William Willoughby Associate Dean/Associate Professor Kent State University
Francis Lyn Associate Director Florida Atlantic University
Vandana Baweja Associate Professor University of Florida
Scott Bernhard Associate Professor Tulane University
Daniel Butko Associate Professor University of Oklahoma
Damon Caldwell Associate Professor Louisiana Tech University
Jeff Carney Associate Professor University of Florida
Carey Clouse Associate Professor University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Thomas Colbert Associate Professor
Philippe d'Anjou Associate Professor Florida Atlantic University
Donna Kacmar Associate Professor University of Houston
George Kapelos Associate Professor Ryerson University
Rosemary Kennedy Associate Professor Queensland University of Technology
Kevin Moore Associate Professor Auburn University
Samia Rab Kirchner Associate Professor Morgan State University
Alice Read Associate Professor Florida International University
John Sandell Associate Professor Florida Atlantic University
Thomas Spiegelhalter Associate Professor Florida International University
Emmanouil Vermisso Associate Professor Florida Atlantic University
Bradford Watson Associate Professor Montana State University
Robert Whitehead Associate Professor Iowa State University
Bradley Walters Associate Professor & Assocaite Director University of Florida
Elizabeth Grant Associate Professor of Architecture Virginia Tech
Nik Nikolov Associate Professor of Architecture Lehigh University
JoAnne DeRouen Associate Professor of Sociology University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Corey Saft Associate Professor/Architecture University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Gabriel Kroiz Assoicate Professor Morgan State University
Joe Colistra Chair + Associate Professor University of Kansas
Pasquale De Paola Chair, Architecture Program Louisiana Tech University
Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter Dean Woodbury University
Norman Millar Dean, School of Architecture
Megan Elizabeth Reineccius Designer Opticos Design Inc.
Peter Richards director Deicke Richards
Anthony Abbate Director & Associate Provost for Broward Campuses Florida Atlantic University
Pascale Vonier Director of Communications and Media Strategy Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Eric Ellis Director of Operations and Programs Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Hasan Khan Distinguished Professor Roger Williams University
Nicholas Roberts Faculty, Full-Time
Diana Maldonado Full Time Professor ACSA Introductory Member
Miriam Ho Graduate Student
Katherine Harvey Landscape Architect
Dennis Chiessa Lecturer University of Texas at Arlington
Victor Deupi Lecturer University of Miami
Kelly Winn Lecturer Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Dalia Bukhamsin M.Arch Student Woodbury University
Matthew Teti Master of Architecture Student North Carolina State University
Marta Nowak Part Time Lecturer University of California, Los Angeles
Randy Atlas Phd AIA CPP Florida Atlantic University
Keren Bolter PhD Candidate
Margi Nothard President
David Waggonner President Waggonner & Ball
William Doran IV Professional-in-Residence Louisiana State University
Simon Atkinson Professor University of Texas at Austin
Rocco Ceo III Professor University of Miami
Jori Erdman Professor James Madison University
James Gall Professor Queensland University of Technology
Alice Guess Professor Savannah College of Art and Design
Deirdre Hardy Professor Florida Atlantic University
John McDermott Professor of Architecture
Tony Fry Professor of Design Futures studio at the edge of the world
Brett Tippey Program Coordinator, ARCS Program, Assistant Professor Kent State University
Angela DeGeorge Programs Manager Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
William Richards Senior Director, Digital Content Strategy The American Institute of Architects, AIA
Nina Wilson Student Center for Architecture Science and Ecology
Christina Puerto Student at CASE RPI Center for Architecture Science and Ecology
Mikael Kaul Visiting Adjunct Professor Florida Atlantic University
Sarosh Anklesaria Visiting Assistant Professor Pratt Institute
Robert Sproull Jr. Visiting Assistant Professor
Christian Feneck Visiting Instructor Florida Atlantic University
Alena Alberani Florida Atlantic University
Serge Ambrose Ambrose + Sabatino
David Benjamin
Benjamin Kalina
Diego Alberto Lozano Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Gabriole Van Bryce