Research & Scholarship Committee

The Research & Scholarship Committee leads ACSA’s efforts to support faculty in scholarly endeavors. The committee monitors and assesses ACSA programs involving peer review and recognition, and recommends actions to advocate for support for architectural research and scholarship.

Dr. Hazem Rashed-Ali photo


Dr. Hazem Rashed-Ali
Associate Professor
University of Texas At San Antonio     
San Antonio, TX

Nadia M. Anderson photo


Nadia M. Anderson
Associate Professor
University of North Carolina at Charlotte     
Ames, IA

Kelly Bair photo


Kelly Bair
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago     
Chicago, IL

Corey T. Griffin photo


Corey T. Griffin
Associate Dean for Research & Associate Professor of Architecture
Pennsylvania State University     
Altoona, PA

Marc J. Neveu photo


Marc J. Neveu
Faculty Head of Architecture & Professor
Arizona State University     
Tempe, AZ

Anne-Catrin Schultz photo


Anne-Catrin Schultz
Associate Professor
Wentworth Institute of Technology     
Boston, MA

Mr. Kentaro Tsubaki photo


Mr. Kentaro Tsubaki
Associate Professor / Associate Dean
Tulane University     
New Orleans, LA

Ms. Marci S. Uihlein photo


Ms. Marci S. Uihlein
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign     
Champaign, IL