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Pre-Fabrications: Micro-Narratives on Architecture’s Material Culture

Pre-Fabrications, a new feature in the Journal of Architectural Education, will be a recurring column proffering micro-narratives (no longer than 1,500 words) and images on the material culture of architecture. Playing on the double meaning of fabrication, as something that is both made, and made up, this column will examine material proto-histories of those things that continue to fly beneath the disciplinary radar, but without which, architectural practice would be lost. As fabrications, these narratives can be actual accounts of architectural manufacture, or plausible fictions with heuristic potential for future disciplinary creation.

Tapping into the architectural legacy of figures like Reyner Banham and Siegfried Giedion, we seek submissions of alternative histories and subversive narratives from makers of architecture, critics, theorists and historians. Just as Banham occasioned a re-thinking of disciplinary possibility when he examined the history of architectural building systems in his seminal Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment (1969), echoing the contributions his teacher Siegfried Giedion made with Mechanization Takes Command (1948), we seek ruminations on architecture’s material culture. Pre-Fabrications will frame this speculative material engagement as a form of design research, and as such, submissions will be blind peer-reviewed by the JAE Design Committee.

Refer all inquiries to: Amy Kulper
    Associate Editor, Design


Open Call for Review Publications and Suggestions

Please send publications and suggestions for review in the JAE to:

Refer all inquiries to: Michelangelo Sabatino
    Associate Editor, Reviews
    Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture Houston, TX 77204