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Kennesaw State University

November 5, 2018
Co-chaired by Dr. Saleh Uddin from Kennesaw State University and Dr. So-yeon Yoon from Cornell University, KSU Architecture was well-represented by Dr. Saleh Uddin and Associate Professors Kathryn Bedette, Chris Welty and Michael Carroll at the recent Design Communication Association (DCA) hosted by Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Prof. Carroll's paper on 'Digital_Hand_Materiality' was part of a session looking at Virtual and Actual: Process and Product moderated by Prof. Chris Welty, AIA. Examining creative processes, Prof. Kathryn Bedette, AIA paper on Drawing Motion through Stillness: Comparing Disciplinary Approaches; Prof. Chris Welty, AIA paper co-authored with Dr. Arief Seitawan paper entitled Embracing Slowness, Methods to Digital Fluency; and Dr. Saleh Uddin's paper Current Decline of Design Grammar during the Rise of the Digital Fabrication Era all challenged the relationship between digital/analog and its influence on the way we link the process and product of design.

We are also very proud to note that Architecture Student Kathryn Stapleton received the DCA Juror’s Choice Award in Undergraduate Design Foundation for her “Kinetic Structural System from Geometry.” Congratulations!

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