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Kennesaw State University

September 21, 2018

Parking Day Tactical Urbanism

Having won an award in 2017 Park(ing) Day, the students in Professor Zamila Karimi’s Tactical Urbanism class was invited to participate in Park(ing) Day 2018 at Lenox Mall, Atlanta on Friday September 14. This event was sponsored by Liveable Buckhead Inc.

Morphogenesis Chair is an exploration on how design contributes to the material production of space. Using the concept of ‘PLAY’ students designed a set of six-chairs using slats of birch plywood cut on CNC. Each slat is finished with two colors - red and blue on either side to read as one field of color in one direction. The chairs are designed as a kit of parts which can be configured in multiple ways playing with perception to create a fun colorful playscape for all to be in.

Students (design team): Christine Vu, Steven Yang, Dyesha Holmes, Nhan Luu, Asbiel Samaiego, Eduardo Parra, Michelle Nguyen, Diego Vazquez, Nelly Mehrjerdian, Dayzha King, Andrew Smith, Morgan Fredrick.

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