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ACSA Announces Change to Student​ ​Design Competition

October 30, 2017
The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture is canceling its planned Category 1: Humanitarian Refugee (Detention) Center student design competition, and will replace the program with a new building category for the spring semester.

The competition program has received justified​ criticism, and while the organization is committed to engaging important issues in our society, we ​regret our decision to publish the category.

"Our partnership with AISC over the last 18 years has sought to encourage as many students as possible to work with steel," said Michael Monti, ACSA Executive Director. "Our programs aim to be challenging and topical to offer important educational experiences for students to develop their design skills within the scope of our core values.”​ ​

The competition also includes an Open category, which will continue. A new building category will be announced in coming weeks for the spring semester.

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